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Pierce The Veil Release Trailer For ‘This Is A Wasteland’ Documentary, Launch Pre-Orders

There aren’t very many bands out there that I would go out of my way to spend extra money on. It’s safe to say though, that Pierce The Veil is one of those bands. The band announced that they will be releasing a tour documentary titled This Is A Wasteland. The documentary will be released […]

Tegan And Sara

Tegan And Sara Perform Acoustic Version Of “Closer”

As if I didn’t need another reason to totally love this duo. Tegan And Sara partnered up with Keith Schneider and his band to record an acoustic version their hit single, “Closer,” from their most recent album, Heartthrob. The song itself is one of the best songs I think they’ve ever released, and hearing it […]

Listen To Dethklok’s “Blazing Star”

Well, it’s finally here. The famous animated metal band, Dethklok, have released an exclusive song tied to their upcoming Cartoon Network special, Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera, airing October 27. The full soundtrack will be released on October 29, and will feature “Blazing Star” as a bonus track. Co-creator Brendon Small says that […]

Michael Fassbender And Marion Cotillard To Star In Weinstein Company’s ‘Macbeth’

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. The famous Shakespearean play Macbeth will soon be getting a new film treatment. Michael Fassbender is set to star as the titular character, Macbeth, and Marion Cotillard to take the role of Lady Macbeth. Produced through The Weinstein Company, the film is said to stay within the original play’s time […]

Finch To Release Live Album On CD/DVD And Vinyl, Randy Strohmeyer To Return To Tour

Last week, Finch guitarist Randy “R2K” Strohmeyer’s father passed away, leading the band to head out on tour, while Randy stays home with family. Today, the band confirmed with AlternativePress that he will be returning to the live lineup this weekend in Atlanta. Up until now, the band has featured bassist Daniel Wonacott and vocalist […]

Bayside Frontman Leaves Tour For Birth Of Child

Bayside is about to wrap up their coheadlining tour with Motion City Soundtrack, but they will be playing the last few dates without frontman Anthony Raneri. Raneri will be flying home for the birth of his child, and members of Motion City Soundtrack, State Champs, and This Is Hell will be covering for him at […]

I Am The Avalanche Guitarist Leaves Band To Focus On Bar Business

After nine years with the band, guitarist Michael Ireland has left I Am the Avalanche to focus on the bars he owns in New York City, including his newly opened establishment, The Three Diamond Door. The split was completely amicable, and you can check out statements from Ireland and the band after the break. Ireland’s […]

‘Calvin & Hobbes’ Creator Bill Watterson Explains Why He Has No Interest In Movie Adaptations

If you have spent more than five minutes poking around the internet today you’ve likely seen someone mention the fact Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Waterson recently participated in a rare interview ahead of the release of a fan-funded documentary about his beloved comic strip later this year. The article is great (and long), but […]

EXCLUSIVE: UTG Helps AUIAC Present DC Premiere of ‘Filmage’ On November 15

A few days ago we announced that we were hosting a screening of Filmage: The Story of DESCENDENTS/ALL. Today, we’re pleased to help our Head of Videography, Tyler Osborne, promote his Washington, DC Premiere screening of this fantastic documentary! Filmage tells the story of the legendary punk bands Descendents and ALL, how they got their […]

Morrissey Releases Autobiography (Finally)

Morrissey’s autobiography, titled Autobiography, was released yesterday in the UK and Europe through Penguin Books. The book chronicles the many sides of the ex-Smiths singer and solo artist: the cutting, comical side as well as the poetic, literary side. In may ways, the book is written in the same narrative fashion as many of Morrissey’s musical […]


“It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn’t feel like a giant. I felt very, very small.” Of the many reflections by Neil Armstrong on the groundbreaking mission to the […]

I Surrender Records Stream Anthony Raneri Song Off ‘Our Voices’

I Surrender Records will be putting out an EP on November 25, entitled Our Voices. The record features an all-star lineup of vocalists from some of UTG’s favorite bands. Yesterday, the label posted Anthony Raneri‘s (Bayside) track called “String Me Along.” Raneri’s recent solo EP, New Cathedrals, was self-released through Gumshoe Records in 2012. The […]