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ACOUSTIC STREAM: The Color Morale – “Learned Behavior”

One of the most popular singles off The Color Morale‘s third studio album, Know Hope, is “Learned Behavior.” They even put a music video out for it last spring. This song has a specific message its listeners, and Garrett Rapp took a little bit of time to sit with Alternative Press to detail the meaning […]

The Acacia Strain

The Acacia Strain Writing LP #7

According to a recent status update by Rise Records, the deathcore heavyweights known as The Acacia Strain have been toiling away through the writing process in hopes of releasing a follow-up to their 2013 EP, Above/Below. Will Putney will be making a repeat appearance as the producer for this album, and with a discography which […]

WATCH: Good Old War Teases New Song

It seems as though Philadelphia’s Good Old War is back in the studio working on new material. Earlier today, the band took to Instagram posting a short video teasing a new song. It’s unclear whether this is a new Good Old War track or if it’s work for another artist, as the band has been […]

The Week In Trailers (01/11/14)

Everyone has a different level of love for movies. Some people like to show up to the theater just in the nick of time to catch their flick, choosing to skip seeing the trailers before the feature. Others will make sure they arrive early enough to see all the previews so they can get excited […]

WEEKLY WAX: Vinyl Release For The Week Of 1/5-1/11

The new year is in full swing, school is starting up again for many of us, and as always, another week means another long list of cool records to spend your money on. Whether it’s classic hardcore (Converge‘s Petitioning Forever), classic rock (a remastered edition of Tommy), or classic movie soundtracks (the One Way Static […]

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Great Chicken Wing Hunt’

Film: The Great Chicken Wing Hunt Starring: Ben Beavers, Al Caster, Ric Kealoha Director: Matt Reynolds I love food. Cooking it, eating it, learning about it, all of that. I spend more hours than I am comfortable admitting watching shows on Food Network and other similar channels. The history of particular foods and how they came […]


Movie: Besties Director: Rebecca Cutter Starring: Olivia Crocicchia, Madison Riley Adolescent awkwardness is something that resonates with just about all of us. We were all impossibly young, eager, and impressionable once, looking to our peers and elders for inspiration on how to be accepted. To describe it as a difficult time is an understatement – […]