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Silverstein Release New Video

Silverstein have released a video for the title track of 2012’s This Is How The Wind Shifts. The video features a view of a sunset over water, along with a campfire burning in the night. While the track clocks in at only a little over a minute, the video’s simple backdrop is an excellent addition to […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Elephantis – “You’re Like The Sun”

Elephantis are a UK based, five piece hardcore/emo band who are currently signed to Dream Atlantic Records. The band is currently poised to release a split with the hardcore outfit Road To Manila, which is set to be released April 1. One of Elephantis’ contributions is titled “You’re Like The Sun,” and the band just […]

Fairweather Stream New Album

Despite the band’s near eleven-year lapse in releases, Washington D.C.-based Fairweather has managed to keep a steady fan base.  And, after all these years, that fan base is being rewarded. The band has released a stream of its new self-titled record, one filled with emotion and a good amount of angst. This is the band’s […]

Kittie Launch Indiegogo Campaign For 20 Year Anniversary Documentary

The all female metal outfit known as Kittie started hinting at some huge news not that long ago. There was tons of speculation as to why they were pulling together all of their past members, and as of a few hours ago we finally got to find out why. The band’s 20-year anniversary is upon […]

Landon Tewers Releases “Findlay”

Yesterday Landon Tewers released the third single off his upcoming solo EP, titled Dead Kid. The new song is titled “Findlay,” and you can listen to it below. “Findlay” is probably the darkest, most emotion-fueled track Tewers has written to date. When he posted the song on his Facebook page he stated it’s his “absolute […]

LYRIC VIDEO: Through Arteries – “This Is The End”

Through Arteries are planning on releasing a brand new album later this spring, titled The Life, Death & Rebirth Of…. Yesterday the band premiered the lyric video for a brand new single from that upcoming album titled “This Is The End.” You can take a listen to that song below. The band has tightened up […]

Cody Payne Responds To AJ Perdomo’s Statement On Leaving The Dangerous Summer

News broke this morning that The Dangerous Summer‘s frontman AJ Perdomo has decided to part ways with the band. He wrote a lengthy blog post outlining his reasons, which mostly consisted of him becoming a father. He also mentions guitarist Cody Payne and the fact that he has no control or say over what the […]

STREAM: Breathe Atlantis – “Destructered”

If you’re looking for a band that’s similar to artists like Capture The Crown or Oceans Ate Alaska, then you may dig the Germany-based metalcore outfit Breathe Atlantis. They are currently poised to self-release their debut album, Shorelines, April 19. Over the last couple weeks the band has premiered a couple of singles off the […]

Listen To Tori Amos’ New Single, “Trouble’s Lament”

Tori Amos will be releasing her fourteenth studio album, Unrepentant Geraldines, May 13. She has been in the music world since the early 1990s, and she’s dabbled in various genres in that time. Overall though, she has stuck with pop and folky jams. With the release of her latest single it seems she may be […]

AJ Perdomo Parts Ways With The Dangerous Summer

AJ Perdomo has decided to step down from his role as frontman and bassist of The Dangerous Summer. The news came this morning via the songwriter’s Tumblr account, where he stated “As far as the band goes, I originally wanted to do another album in time, and do some shows in the future. I wanted […]

WEEKLY WAX: Vinyl Releases For The Week Of 3/23-3/29

Welcome back to Weekly Wax! Now that the bulk of the Record Store Day announcements are out of the way, we can get back to what you’ll be spending your money on before April 19 rolls around. This week’s highlights include a new pressing of The Starting Line‘s pop punk classic, Say It Like You […]