MUSIC VIDEO: Death From Above 1979 – “Trainwreck 1979″

Two people can make a lot of noise, and Death From Above 1979 are responsible for reminding us of that 10 years after their debut. Their new album, The Physical World, sees them creating a whole thunderstorm of noise with bass and drums and shrieking vocals. One of the album’s singles, the snarky “Trainwreck 1979,″ just got a music video, and it keeps that pounding force coming strong.

In the music video, we watch a young woman going about her life, seemingly thinking about how it’s still not delivering all she hopes to get out of it thanks to the song’s lyrics. She’s uploading her own bass songs to YouTube, drops some smooth skateboarding tricks around her neighborhood, and attends a rather sweaty Death From Above 1979 concert. Shot with hazy California stills and casually cool clothing, the whole clip almost looks like a commercial. Look, you could be this cool, too. 

We’ll keep on trying. Until then, check out the video below (via Noisey):

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