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The Devil Wears Prada Re-sign To Rise Records

After a strong 2013 with the release of 8:18, The Devil Wears Prada have since been taking proactive steps as they dive into the next chapter of their career two years later. After beginning on the Rise Records roster early on with Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord (2006) and Plagues (2007), The Devil Wears Prada have […]

Sun Kil Moon Stream “Ali/Spinks 2” from ‘Universal Themes’

Sun Kil Moon has released a new track titled “Ali/Spinks 2,” from his upcoming LP Universal Themes. You may be wondering how long it’s been since Benji released, and the answer is barely over a year, but that hasn’t seemed to bother Sun Kil Moon songwriter Mark Kozelek. Sun Kil Moon’s next LP, Universal Themes, […]

Owen Wilson Tries To Save His Family From Violent Uprising In ‘No Escape’ Trailer

No Escape is an upcoming action thriller starring Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan. In a somewhat surprising role, Wilson stars as a businessman who relocates his family to Southeast Asia. Shortly after arriving, they find themselves in the middle of a violent political uprising which puts their lives at stake. The story follows […]

Fucked Up Announce New B-Side Single

Last summer the Canadian hardcore outfit known as Fucked Up released their fourth studio album, titled Glass Boys. The album has been fairly successful, and the band has been keeping themselves busy over the last few months. They apparently took the time to record at least one extra track, as they announced the release date […]

A Skylit Drive Introduce New Band Members

Back in October, A Skylit Drive announced that they were losing their bassist and drummer. At the time they did not have any permanent replacements, but they promised to not allow the change to slow them down. Now that nearly six months have passed, the band has finally announced who their replacement members are. Brandon […]