UTG PHOTOS: Island Life NYC – Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes, Kiesza & More (9/8/15)

Until this show, I had never seen the Best Buy Theater filled and come together so lively with younger fans in all my history of going to concerts at the venue. Let’s be fair: usually the concerts I attend embody a bit older audience. Perhaps, I was just going to the wrong shows. Island Life–essentially a showcase of Island Records talent that could have been classified as a mini-festival in itself–beget younger fans who tried to fit within every nook and cranny at the front of the stage. A game of human Tetris, if you will. A young and diverse display of talent ran throughout the night where fans continually showed their appreciation.

The passion for the acts was very apparent, especially when a fellow photographer friend stated that he was not familiar with Shawn Mendes. When you’re around fans who have signs and specifically wait for an act, maybe you should hold off on that statement. Mendes played a small set with an acoustic guitar where his fans–who permeated throughout the entire venue–sang every word. If Best Buy Theater wasn’t on a lower level, Broadway would probably hear it. It was that loud.

From Kiesza to Timeflies to American Authors, there was something for every type of musical taste. One act I was impressed with was Nick Jonas. When I first heard “Jealous,” I didn’t even know that was him. You think of the Jonas Brothers and Disney, but that stigma has been shed with quality R&B music like “Chains” and “Levels.” While it wasn’t my usual scene, I’m always looking to broaden my musical horizons a bit. With the amount of young talent–which could be likened to a blue chip recruiting class going to a power football school–Island Records should be set for a long time.






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