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REVIEW: Between The Buried And Me – The Parralax: Hypersleep Dialogues

Between The Buried And Me have returned with a new label and the first EP of their career. Click through to find out what our own Jordan Munson had to say about The Parralax: Hypersleep Dialogues!

Passing The Torch: The End Of An Era For UTG

I started Under The Gun Review with a $10 loan from my parents that I probably never paid back. At the time, my only goals were to get free music, gain access to concerts I couldn’t afford, meet my heroes, and create something to further bolster my resume. All those things were accomplished in a […]

The Black Dahlia Murder's Everblack

REVIEW: The Black Dahlia Murder – Everblack

Artist: The Black Dahlia Murder Album: Everblack Genre: Death metal Label: Metal Blade Records As far as extreme metal bands that have broken into the mainstream go, the list is rather short, especially if you’re looking for death metal bands specifically. Considering the band’s label and history, The Black Dahlia Murder have had pretty remarkable […]

Construct by Dark Tranquillity

REVIEW: Dark Tranquillity – Construct

Artist: Dark Tranquillity Album: Construct Genre: Melodic death metal Label: Century Media Reviewing albums by legendary metal titans always seems a bit daunting to me, especially when they’re longtime favorites of mine. This time around it’s Dark Tranquillity‘s new album Construct, being released via Century Media as a follow-up to their solid 2010 album We […]


Hatebreed Prove “Honor Never Dies” With Brutal New Video

Hatebreed promoted their new album The Divinity Of Purpose as being a return to their ‘all pit, no shit’ sound. This lead us to a feverish excitement for the album’s release, and in the review that followed critic Jordan Munson confirmed this promise, commenting “The fact of the matter is that The Divinity of Purpose […]


UTG INTERVIEW: Disasterpeace

Rich Vreeland, aka Disasterpeace, is a man of many talents and even more interests, though his bio might lead you to believe he really is only “an award winning freelance composer / sound designer based in Berkeley, CA, with a focus in producing and directing dynamic sound treatments for games.” Having released a number of […]

For Today

REVIEW: For Today – Prevailer

Band: For Today Album: Prevailer EP Genre: Metalcore Label: Razor & Tie If you’ve been aware of metalcore for more than a couple months you’re likely aware that there’s a large subsect of it aptly called “Christian metalcore” in which bands play pretty regular metalcore, but also happen to sing mostly about their faith. For […]

Shai Hulud Announce East Coast Spring Tour

Metalcore pioneers Shai Hulud plan on making a short run up and down our nation’s east coast, and rest assured that they intend to take a few of the scene’s up and comers along for the ride. Included in the dates are an appearance at East Coast Collective’s Today’s Mixtape Festival. This tour’s supporting and […]

Shai Hulud

REVIEW: Shai Hulud – Reach Beyond The Sun

Band: Shai Hulud Album: Reach Beyond The Sun Label: Metal Blade Records Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore Just like most other genres of music, hardcore seems to have a few distinctly different schools of thought within it. Two of the more prominent approaches are “hardcore punk” and “metalcore” (in the Converge sense, not the Killswitch Engage sense). Shai […]

REVIEW: Suffocation – Pinnacle Of Bedlam

Band: Suffocation Album: Pinnacle Of Bedlam Label: Nuclear Blast Genre: Technical Death Metal In the pantheon of brutal/technical death metal bands, Suffocation is without a doubt one of the premier acts. Now in their twenty-fifth year as a band, with seven full length albums and a couple EPs under their belt, Suffocation could very easily […]


REVIEW: Hatebreed – The Divinity Of Purpose

Band: Hatebreed Album: The Divinity Of Purpose Label: Razor & Tie Genre: Metalcore “All pit, no shit.” That’s how Jamey Jasta was describing Hatebreed’s upcoming album, The Divinity of Purpose. Many were suspect of just how true this claim was, considering the band’s trajectory over recent albums, but upon the release of “Put It To […]


For The Love Of Film is a weekly column from film nerd and lover of all movies Justin Proper. Sometimes you need some help to figure out how to enjoy movies, and we are here to help! No longer will you need to fear movie night because your friends have no taste in film. With this […]