strawberry girls

STUDIO VIDEO: Strawberry Girls in the Studio With Kurt Travis

Strawberry Girls are still plugging away, working to finish their upcoming record, French Ghetto. In the process, they’ve enlisted the help of A Lot Like Birds vocalist, Kurt Travis to write and sing on one of the songs. Never ones to withhold their creative process, the girls have posted a few studio videos during the time spent with Kurt […]

UTG VIDEO PREMIERE: Strawberry Girls – “Swimming Pool (Kendrick Lamar)”

We’ve introduced you to Strawberry Girls member Zachary Garren before with his mashup of favorites by The Weeknd and A Lot Like Birds. Now, we give you the rest of the band in a brand new video cover of Kendrick Lamar‘s hit “Swimming Pool (Drank).” Normally instrumental, these Monterey boys play some eclectic music, but they […]