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The Funeral Pyre – Wounds

Band: The Funeral Pyre Album: Wounds Genre: Black/Death Metal Label: Prosthetic Tracks: 1. Thieves 2. Black Earth 3. The Gathering Bones 4. Wounds 5. These Ties That Bind 6. Arches of Existence 7. When The Light Ends 8. Devourer 9. Ghost Walker The Funeral Pyre is a “blackened death metal” band from california. Now I […]

We Interviewed Parker from Say Anything!

At Warped Tour Detroit [July 18th, 2008], James and Meaghan got a chance to interview quite a few bands and the results of one of these interviews can be found below. This time around, we’re talking with Parker from Say Anything. Be sure to buy the band’s album, In Defense Of The Genre, out right […]