We Interviewed Parker from Say Anything!

At Warped Tour Detroit [July 18th, 2008], James and Meaghan got a chance to interview quite a few bands and the results of one of these interviews can be found below. This time around, we’re talking with Parker from Say Anything. Be sure to buy the band’s album, In Defense Of The Genre, out right now!

J: We’re here in Detroit at Warped Tour 08 and we’re chatting with, well, let’s let him introduce himself the way he feels fit…

P: Mr. Parker, and I play in Say Anything.

J: You guys are a band that has never been on Warped Tour before, now that the tour is half over, how are you as a band enjoying it?

P: It is awesome. It is much different than tours we’ve ever done before and it’s exciting and new everyday. Catering is wonderful and the dessert are, oh desserts, I love them and eat them constantly. Also, some of the bands we’re out with are bands we’d not normally get to play with and that’s cool. Like Every Time I Die, they’re fun to play with but would they ever tour with us? No. Well, I don’t know, maybe they would. They seem a little hard for our crowd and we seem a little…gay for theirs.

J: It’s been a hot summer. What would be Say Anything’s summer survival tips?

P: We uh..hide in the darkness of our bus, in air conditioning, and play Xbox. So, we’re never forced to go outside into the normal eco system. It’s like we live on Mercury or some other hotter planet and we only pop outside for a second and then we go back to the safety of the dome.

J: You guys aren’t ones to reach too far back into your catalog, but you still have over 40 relatively new songs in your arsenal to choose from. How do you pick your set for a short performance like those on Warped Tour?

P: Well, I think with this tour we’re picking songs for the people who’ve never seen us before. Like a preview or overview of some of the styles we use. Also, we try to use a lot of high energy songs you know, we’re not going to play five acoustic songs or anything.

J: With back to school kicking in next month, if Say Anything had to make a 5 tip list for returning students, what would they be?

P: First off, shop at Tilly’s Back To School Sale. Get some Dickies and whatnot. Another things is…don’t be afraid to wear to straps on your backpack. For awhile having one on and one off was in, but now two is back. Plus, it won’t hurt your back. Search online for used books. Have yourself a green school year. Car pool with someone in your neighborhood.

J: Well, I know you have a lot more work to do today and other interviews, but instead of a final question, why not make a declaration? The podium is yours, you can say whatever you want, what will it be?

P: We repeat the phrase, “Live The Dream,” a lot on our bus and it’s something that can be analyzed further. “Live,” meaning to be alive. Go out and test the water on everything. “The,” s because there is only one. It’s not, “live A dream,” it’s, “Live The Dream.””Dream,” this has to do with your ambition or hopes. Go out and achieve and keep achieving. Whether it’s obtaining a high school or having triplets, go out there and achieve.

J: Thank you for your time Parker, we hope to meet up with you guys soon.”

P: Yea thanks, we’ll see you soon.

* Written By: James Shotwell*

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