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Save Music Videos! – Morrissey

You know what? Forget about jsut saving music videos, Morrissey is saving music. We’ve yet to post our review of his new album, Years of Refusal, but rest assured it’s one of the best albums of the past 3 years. Having paved the way for the entire emo movement with The Smiths, Morrissey is still […]

Thursday – Common Existence

Band: Thursday Album: Common Existence Genre: Hard Rock Label:Epitaph Track Listing: 1. Resuscitation of a Dead Man 2. Last Call 3. As He Climbed The Dark Mountain 4. Friends In The Armed Forces 5. Beyond The Visible Spectrum 6. Time’s Arrow 7. Unintended Long Term Effects 8. Circuits of Fever 9. Subway Funeral 10. Love […]

Asher Roth – The Greenhouse Effect [MIXTAPE]

Band: Asher Roth Album: [Don Cannon and DJ Drama Present] The Greenhouse Effect Mixtape Genre: Rap/Hip Hop Label: Unsigned Track Listing: 1. Start The Show 2. Roth BOYS 3. Humansirkme 4. DJ DRAMA 5. CANNON! 6. Black Mags Remix 7. Mr. Me 2 8. Battle Me 9. Rub On Your T***ies 10. Saw You 11. […]

Conor Oberst to Release New Album!

One of our top ten favorite artists of last year,  Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band will release a brand new album, entitled Outer South, on May 5th on Merge Records. COLOR US EXCITED! [Here’s one of the new songs!] Here’s some more info for those of you interested: Outer South was recorded at […]

In Honor of Asher Roth…

Following the video of the day yesterday, we’d like to make you aware of a product that we keep around the [UTG] offices… It’s been near 2 months since this product first came into our world,  but it could be 2 years and I’m sure we’d feel the same way. Being based out of a […]