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EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Drew Behringer’s “I Hate College” Parody

We’ve been giving Asher Roth a lot of attention recently, but everything in this industry has a double edged sword. Though there has been a lot of love for the, “I Love College,” rapper, not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. One of these people just happens to be up and coming musician Drew Behringer. […]

Asher Roth – The Greenhouse Effect [MIXTAPE]

Band: Asher Roth Album: [Don Cannon and DJ Drama Present] The Greenhouse Effect Mixtape Genre: Rap/Hip Hop Label: Unsigned Track Listing: 1. Start The Show 2. Roth BOYS 3. Humansirkme 4. DJ DRAMA 5. CANNON! 6. Black Mags Remix 7. Mr. Me 2 8. Battle Me 9. Rub On Your T***ies 10. Saw You 11. […]

In Honor of Asher Roth…

Following the video of the day yesterday, we’d like to make you aware of a product that we keep around the [UTG] offices… It’s been near 2 months since this product first came into our world,  but it could be 2 years and I’m sure we’d feel the same way. Being based out of a […]

Save Music Videos! – Asher Roth

Easy going hip hop may be the new thing in 2009. Asher Roth, a white MC who has serious rhyme skills, has slowed and simplified himself for the new rising hit, “I Love College.” His new album comes out in April, but there is a mixtape out right now that we will be reviewing soon. […]