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Save Music Videos! – Lady Sovereign

Make way for the [return of] S-O-V! *Written By: James Shotwell*  

School Boy Humor – School Boy Humor

Band: School Boy Humor Album: School Boy Humor Genre: Pop Rock Label: Vagrant Tracks: 1. Paint Me Envy 2. Camera Shy 3. Turn It Up 4. Please Stand Up 5. Good To Meet You 6. This Is Your Life 7. Cheating Myself 8. Don’t Look Back 9. This World 10. Everyone Who Breathes 11. Let’s […]

Don’t Forget The Contest!

Whisteria Cottage – Heathen

Band: Whisteria Cottage Album: Heathen Genre: Death Metal/Metalcore Label: Statik Factory Tracks: 1. Pathology Of Our Existence 2. Human Disfigurement 3. Confined 4. Failure To Succeed 5. Baled To Death 6. Enticement 7. Devour Thy Throne 8. Heathen 9. Your Cremation, Our Reclamation 10. A Misconception 11. Your Broadcast Is Interrupted Whisteria Cottage is an […]