Whisteria Cottage – Heathen

Band: Whisteria Cottage
Album: Heathen
Genre: Death Metal/Metalcore
Label: Statik Factory

1. Pathology Of Our Existence
2. Human Disfigurement
3. Confined
4. Failure To Succeed
5. Baled To Death
6. Enticement
7. Devour Thy Throne
8. Heathen
9. Your Cremation, Our Reclamation
10. A Misconception
11. Your Broadcast Is Interrupted

Whisteria Cottage is an up and coming Deathcore band signed to Statik Factory Records. The band is from Baltimore, Maryland. They formed in the year of 2006.

Heathen is actually the debut album from this rising band. Prior to this they have released one demo in 2008 with only three songs. After hearing the demo I could not wait until the band released a full length and after an intense wait, the album is finally out.

This album is full of brutal lyrics, intense guitar parts, grinding basslines and thundering drums. Although, at some points the band has some melodic/epic sounding parts there is a lot of dark very heavy parts.

After listening to the album just once through there was one song that quickly stood out. “Enticement” is an outstanding track. This song has some of the most intensely suspenseful riffs compared to what you normally find in this genre. That was a major factor in what makes these guys stand out. This song is really fast and will keep you moving in the pits…or your living room. This song also contains some of the nastiest breakdowns I have heard in awhile. The vocals on this track are absolutely outstanding.

My favorite song off this album is entitled “Devour Thy Throne.” This song starts off with a really catchy guitar riff and pounding drums and quickly develops into a heavier song from there. The breakdown in this song is the thing that quickly caught my attention, it’s heavy, it’s brutal, yet it still contains some artistic talent. The lyrics “she will be buried in the trenches” were stuck in my head all day after hearing it.

The very first track “Pathology Of Our Existence” was also a fantastic one. It is a very good start to the album quick to show the bands variety and high energy level. This song is very heavy and gives a very suspenseful tone right until the vocals break in with a slaughtering style that would terrify small children, elderly people, and religious figures. It has some very brutal drum blasts along with guitar parts that made me piddle a little bit.

Heathen is an outstanding debut album for this up and coming band. These guys are taking names and are really putting on an outstanding performance touring with bands like And Hell Followed With. This album was pretty good all around there were a few songs that really stood out and the rest didn’t seem to be as unique, but still contained pretty good technique and sounded decent.

*Written By: Danny Weiss*
Grade: 7.5

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