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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Cold Comes The Night’

Film: Cold Comes The Night Directed By: Tze Chun Written By: Tze Chun, Oz Perkins, Nick Simon Starring: Alice Eve, Bryan Cranston Cold Comes the Night may as well be called Cold Comes the Nought for all that comes of it. This is an unrelentingly dull snoozefest, populated entirely by the kind of bleak, violent […]


Bryan Cranston Threatens To Shoot A Child In First ‘Cold Comes The Night’ Trailer

The final season of Breaking Bad may still be weeks away from premiering, but those needing a fresh dose of “Bryan Cranston plays crazy very well” are about to have their day made. Cold Comes The Night is an upcoming thriller from Tze Chun, and earlier today the film’s first trailer premiered on TotalFilm. The […]



UTG is continuing to expand our film coverage with the debut of VIDEO 2 GO, a recurring review column dedicated to features released outside of movie theaters. Whether it’s VOD, online only, or direct-to-dvd, this feature is dedicated to the films destined for the small screen. If you have a film, or even if you […]



Film: The Raven Starring: John Cusack, Luke Evans, Alice Eve, Brendan Gleeson Director: James McTeigue John Cusack wrote on twitter that one should consider The Raven a dream or thriller about Poe, as opposed to a biopic, which is about the most succinct and accurate review you’re likely to get of this film. Anyone who […]