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Aaron Paul Rumored To Be In Talks For ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff

We don’t write about every Star Wars rumor that pops up online, but every now and then a story comes along that we choose to believe. This week, that story involves Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul. According to a fan site known as Making Star Wars, Aaron Paul has allegedly been in talks to star […]

WEEKLY WAX: Vinyl Releases For The Week Of 4/13-4/19

Welcome to the Record Store Day Edition of Weekly Wax! Hopefully you’ve already made the trek out to your favorite indie record store and come back with at least a few of the RSD-exclusive releases you were hoping to pick up. Let us know in the comments what you managed to score. If you came […]

UTG Interview: Aaron Paul Talks ‘Need For Speed’

This weekend, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul takes his first foray into the world of action movies with the lead role in the highly-anticipated (and ridiculously freaking cool) Need For Speed cinematic adaptation. It’s the first big screen version of the long-running racing video game series, and back in February I had the good fortune […]

Extended ‘Need For Speed’ Preview Proves Aaron Paul Cannot Be Stopped

With Fast & Furious 7 moving to 2015 the cinema landscape is waiting to embrace Need For Speed with open arms. It’s the first major vehicle (pun slightly intended) for Aaron Paul since the end of the AMC series Breaking Bad, and its March 14 release date is coming up fast. A short trailer ran […]

WEEKLY WAX: Vinyl Releases For The Week Of 1/26-2/1

As a site that covers both music and film, we always love seeing those two worlds cross paths. That’s the case in this week’s edition of Weekly Wax. Movie buffs who also happen to collect records are in, with a few new pressings on the way from Death Waltz Recording Company, including the classic Forbidden […]

‘Breaking Bad’ Soundtrack Will Get A Vinyl Release

Though the adventures of the chemically synthesized duo of Walt and Jesse have ended, there is still much to look forward to on that bright blue horizon. With the kick-ass looking DVD/Blu-ray box set releasing this coming Tuesday, November 26, we can now also add a double LP picture disc set to the growing roster […]

Alternative Ending to ‘Breaking Bad’ Surfaces; Plays Into Fan Theories

When Breaking Bad ended, I think the fandom at large sighed in relief. A perfect series had an acceptable ending. That’s more than most shows can boast. Vince Gilligan’s masterpiece was complete. Forever marked in television history as one of the best dramas to fill an hour block. Cue DVD release. Now that the series […]

BREAKING EDM: Aaron Paul Guests On New Track “Dance Bitch”

Breaking Bad may have come to a triumphant close on Sunday night, but the art inspired by Vince Gilligan’s hit series is just starting to roll out. Producers Tom Neville and Zen Freeman have been making a name for themselves in EDM for awhile, but they’ve taken their career to the next level this morning […]

Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” Caps Off The ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale

While two people were likely watching the season premiere of Family Guy on Fox, the rest of the world was tuning in to see the end of Breaking Bad. The series finale garnered praise from critics and fans but it wasn’t just because of the acting, but the final song being Badfinger’s “Baby Blue.” How […]

Aaron Paul Wages Vehicular War In First ‘Need For Speed’ Trailer

Move over, Dominic Toretto. There’s a new character headed to the silver screen in 2014 with hopes of launching a franchise, and this afternoon we get our first look at the trailer. The world has been curious about the forthcoming adaptation of the best-selling video game series Need For Speed since Breaking Bad star Aaron […]

Walter White’s Tighty Whites: Breaking Bad Props Up For Auction

How desperate are you for a used pair of Walter White’s underwear? Well, if you’re pretty damn desperate, the team over at ScreenBid have you covered. The production based auction website will be selling hundreds of items of memorabilia used in filming of the AMC hit series “Breaking Bad.” As the series finale rapidly approaches, […]

Funny Or Die: Dean Norris Spoils ‘Breaking Bad’

Fed up with everyone asking how the finale is going to go, Dean Norris, actor behind the character Hank of Breaking Bad, recently got together with Funny Or Die to give his thoughts on how he feels the show should end. Now just to clarify, Dean Norris isn’t actually spoiling the ending to the show. He’s […]