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Enemies Unite In Extended ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Preview

When The Amazing Spider-Man rolled into theaters a few years ago no less than fifteen minutes of the film had been released through various previews and clips in advance of the film’s release. The formula was the butt of many jokes from critics, but it paid off with a total box office take well over […]

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EDITORIAL: “Part of Me: Behind the Scenes of Katy Perry’s Box Office Flop”

Wrapped up in The Amazing Spider-Man’s web this weekend, few noticed the other new releases that snuck into national theaters underneath the radar. Although all debuted to unimpressive numbers, the most surprising result came from Katy Perry’s tour documentary Part of Me which collected a paltry $7.1 million to land in 8th place. The film’s […]


WATCH: 2 New Clips From “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Thanks to some sleuthing fans of breakfast, two new clips from this Summer’s Amazing Spider-Man have appeared online. Kellogg’s cereal currently offers smartphone and tablet users the opportunity to see two new scenes from Spider-Man by scanning his image on various boxes of their products. Since we cannot all do this, some kind soul used […]

MOVIE TRAILER: The Amazing Spider-Man

You know Comic-Con is right around the corner when this many superhero-related news stories appear in one week. Following yesterday’s online debut of trailers for The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, today we have a bootleg premiere of the official teaser for 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man. Check out the reboot preview below: We apologize […]

Stan Lee reveals his “Amazing Spider-Man” cameo, comments on X-Men

If you haven’t noticed, we’re rolling out our new entertainment news this week on UTG and it seems our timing couldn’t be more perfect. Stan Lee has revealed details behind his cameo in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man film and we have the footage! Click below to watch as Stan discusses his roles in the Marvel […]