part of me

EDITORIAL: “Part of Me: Behind the Scenes of Katy Perry’s Box Office Flop”

Wrapped up in The Amazing Spider-Man’s web this weekend, few noticed the other new releases that snuck into national theaters underneath the radar. Although all debuted to unimpressive numbers, the most surprising result came from Katy Perry’s tour documentary Part of Me which collected a paltry $7.1 million to land in 8th place. The film’s […]


Spider-man tops the weekend box office proving, once again, that it is the summer of superheroes. Oliver Stone’s new movie, Savages was met with mediocre reviews and numbers, landing itself the number four slot this weekend. A few Katy Perry fans managed to get to the theater also as her new movie Part Of Me (which is […]

MOVIE TRAILER: Katy Perry – Part Of Me 3D

The first official trailer for Katy Perry’s forthcoming 3D concert film has arrived online! Giving fans their first glance at the behind-the-scenes life of America’s biggest non-singer/songwriter female pop star, Katy Perry – Part Of Me 3D looks to be your average theatrical concert event (only this one is in 3D). Fans will go nuts […]

STREAM: Katy Perry – Dressin Up

A day ahead of The Complete Confection, another new Katy Perry song has surfaced. “Dressin Up” aims straight for the heart of the dance floor with a beat that’s hard to resist and lyrics that creatively come in a far second. In terms of Complete Confection material, this may be her best. Decide for yourself, […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Katy Perry – Part Of Me

The girl I love to hate is back with her new music video for “Part Of Me.” Having seemingly run out of every gimmick imaginable, Perry uses her latest clip to throw slow pitch down the middle of Americans’ hearts with a tale of romance and military in “Part Of Me.” Perry plays a girl […]

SINGLE REVIEW: Katy Perry – Part Of Me

Artist: Katy Perry Song: Part Of Me Album: Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection Label: Capitol Yesterday, Katy Perry followed an underwhelming Grammy performance with the release of her latest single, “Part Of Me.” Considering the amount of effort Perry and her label have put into finding the golden sixth #1, the UTG staff eagerly tuned […]

CLIP STREAM: Katy Perry – Part Of Me

Katy Perry is gearing up a reissue of Teenage Dream, but not before she releases one of the record’s three new tracks. Dropping on February 21, “Part Of Me” is Perry’s latest attempt at grabbing the club-going, single-buying market of twenty-something pop music connoisseurs. The beat hits hard and the hook hints at tales of […]