Armed Robbery

Michael Todd

Michael Todd (Ex Coheed & Cambria) Admits To Scamming Fans

You would think that if there was anyone in the world you could trust, it would be a musician in a band that you look up to. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case as high profile musicians seem to be making headlines plotting rape, ripping people off and attempting to hire a hitman. […]


Rapper Gunplay Has Assault And Armed Robbery Charges Dropped, Avoids Life Sentence

Gunplay, real name Richard Morales Jr., is probably breathing a little bit easier today. After all, he’s a free man. The Florida-based rapper revealed on Twitter that all the assault and armed robbery charges he was facing have been dropped. I jus gave da State of Florida back a life sentence!! Case dismissed!! S/o to […]


Former Coheed And Cambria Bassist Michael Todd Sentenced In Armed Robbery Case

Former Coheed And Cambria Bassist Michael Todd has pled guilty to armed robbery last July and UTG has the details right here. Todd held up a pharmacy in Attleboro, MA for many bottles of Oxycontin and was later caught in the act. He must serve one year of home confinement, along with three years probation, […]