Vans Warped Tour 2013

What Happened In Vegas Comment On Warped Tour Scamming Allegations, Promise Video Response

Quick, attempt damage control! Michigan’s What Happened In Vegas are attempting to clarify the details surrounding allegations they were caught in possession of fake Warped Tour Passes in front of the Camden, NJ date earlier today. Taking to Facebook shortly after 3:30pm, the rock outfit updated their status to read: “To make things clear, we […]

Vans Warped Tour 2013

What Happened In Vegas Caught Scamming Warped Tour Passes

UPDATE #1: WHIV have commented on the situation. Crime doesn’t pay, kids. UTG has received information from several sources claiming Michigan band What Happened In Vegas were busted attempting to scam the Vans Warped Tour while working the front gate crowd this morning in Camden, New Jersey. According to multiple people on the tour, members […]

Michael Todd (Ex Coheed & Cambria) Admits To Scamming Fans

You would think that if there was anyone in the world you could trust, it would be a musician in a band that you look up to. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case as high profile musicians seem to be making headlines plotting rape, ripping people off and attempting to hire a hitman. […]

Imposters pose as Drake’s manager

A recent occurrence, at the Sherman Theater in Pennsylvania, saw the venues promoters being duped by impostures posing as Drake‘s manager, tour manager and even the artist himself. The theater’s president Richard Berkowitz is working with the authorities on this case to catch the Virginia-based booking agency. Other venues have been cited as being victims […]

No one saw this coming…

According to a new article from Rolling Stone, Rebecca Black (and her parents) are accusing Ark Music Factory of copyright infringement and unlawful exploitation of publicity rights for the song “Friday.” Click here to find out more. What we want to know is how much they’re going to want the masters next week when her […]

Jonny Craig enters rehab, Rise/Artery to reimburse scam victims

Alternative Press has learned that Jonny Craig is currently entering a detox center in California to deal with his drug addiction. The article goes on to state that Rise Records and the Artery Foundation will be reimbursing everyone Craig conned in his now infamous macbook scam. Furthermore, Tillian Pearson (ex-Tides Of Man) will be taking […]

Not The Best Week Ever

Matt Lillie (formerly of The Best Week Ever) has apparently been scamming people for Orange Amplifiers on Ebay and Craigslist. Check this out.

Friends talk about Jonny Craig scandal

Lately, fans have been reading a lot of negative press regarding vocalist, Jonny Craig, recently being accused of using his Twitter account to scam fans out of money. Click here to read an article including statements released by former Dance Gavin Dance bandmate, Sean O’Sullivan, and friend, MOD SUN, expressing their disappointment in Jonny’s recent activity.

Jonny Craig allegedly scams a fan

A very interesting accusation has been brought up against Dance Gavin Dance / Emarosa vocalist, Jonny Craig. Click here to read a story about a fan claiming that Jonny weaseled him out of $650 in exchange for a laptop that never showed up.