Cory Gunz Arrested For Gun Possession

Rapper Cory Gunz was arrested on Saturday afternoon, in Bronx, New York, for gun possession. Details are scarce right now but Under The Gun Review will keep you updated on this situation as it unfolds. Read the statement from MTV, by Cory’s father MC Peter Gunz, by simply looking below and comment with your thoughts […]

left brain

Left Brain (Odd Future) Charged With Battery

The Odd Future crew have not had the most positive of weeks. After getting dropped from New Zealand’s Big Day Out festival over “homophobic lyrics,” one member of OFWGKTA is in hot water. Vyron “Left Brain” Turner faces misdemeanour charges of simple battery for allegedly striking photographer Amy Harris, at the Voodoo Festival, in New […]


Jonny Craig Released From Prison

UTG recently brought you news Dance Gavin Dance vocalist Jonny Craig’s narcotics arrest in California. At the time of the post, Craig’s bail was set at $15,000 and a hearing was schedule for the next morning. Nearly two weeks have passed and finally, we have an update. This morning we received a phone call from […]


Metallica Cancel Concert, Fans Lose Their Minds, India Gets Pissed

Metallica were supposed to perform in India this week, but decided, at the last possible minute, to cancel. Fans found out and, as history shows again and again, metal fans lost their minds. According to (reps for) Metallica, the event was cancelled after the band learned of the show’s lax security, which reportedly was letting […]


Dance Gavin Dance’s Will Swan responds to Jonny Craig’s arrest

Yesterday we broke the story on Jonny Craig’s arrest on multiple drug charges. Today, AltPress obtained an interview with Dance Gavin Dance guitarist Will Swan. Read that interview inside.   Interview: Bryne Yancey When and how did you find out that Jonny had been arrested? I found out from a friend who saw it online. […]


BREAKING NEWS: Jonny Craig Arrested For Felony Narcotics Possession(s), Due In Court Tomorrow

Earlier today, Under The Gun received multiple tips informing us Dance Gavin Dance frontman Jonny Craig had been arrested in or around Vacaville, Ca. We would never post a story we hadn’t researched ourselves, but knew the story would come out whether we told it or not, so we set out to try and confirm […]


Interscope mogul James Rosemond faces federal charges

James Rosemond is already incarcerated for felonious drug-trafficking charges. Friday, prosecutors released the latest indictment accusing Rosemond, with illegally possessing guns and silencers. The weapons were seized during the search of his property. Under federal law possession of a machine gun, in connection with a drug crime, carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years […]

Dream Theater

Former Dream Theater Member Files Lawsuit Against The Group

Mike Portnoy, former member of Dream Theater, has allegedly filed suit against his band mates for carrying on without him. These charges were supposedly filed in April. Portnoy states, “They are wrongfully using the name of the band in connection with the promotion of live performances by the individual defendants, without the participation or consent […]

UPDATE: Big Sean Denies Assault, Lawyer Issues Statement

Just a short while ago we broke the news that rapper Big Sean had been charged in upstate New York with sexual assault. The rapper’s lawyer, Scott E. Leemon, has issued the following statement responding to the situation: “Last night, recording artists Sean ‘Big Sea’ Anderson and Willie ‘Sayitainttone’ Hansbro were arrested and then immediately […]

Big Sean charged with Sexual Assault

Big Sean has been charged with sexual assault in upstate New York this week following a complaint issued by a female fan about an interaction at a recent concert in Niagra Falls. State Park Police charged the 23-year-old Detroit rapper, whose full name is Sean Anderson, with misdemeanor counts of forcible touching, unlawful imprisonment and […]

Ja Rule heading to Prison for two years

Ja Rule was sentenced today to serve two years in prison after he pleaded guilty, 6 months ago, to attempted criminal possession of a weapon. These charges stemmed from the rappers’ 2007 incident, after police pulled him over in NY and found a handgun hidden in his vehicle.

Casey Royer charged with Child Endangerment

Casey Royer, former drummer for Social Distortion, was charged with child endangerment after allegedly overdosing on heroin in front of his 12 year old son last week in Orange County, California.  Drug paraphernalia littered the scene when police arrived.  Royer was hospitalized, revived by doctors and later arrested.  On Monday he was charged with child endangerment and being under the […]