Watch Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall Stop Security From Choking Fan Mid-Show

When Australia pop rock outfit Tonight Alive first burst onto the international alternative scene there were some who were quick to call their punk/edge into question. It may say 2015 on our calendars, but for whatever reason there are still trolls hiding in various corners of the planet who do not believe female-led bands can […]

WATCH: Action Bronson Fights With Security In Portland

Action Bronson seems like a pretty easy going guy, but if video from last night’s show in Portland is any indication of his behavior we suggest no one ever try putting the Blue Chips 2 rapper in a headlock. According to sources, Action Bronson was involved in a small scuffle with security during a performance […]

Red Hot Chili Peppers Vocalist Anthony Kiedis Scuffles With The Rolling Stones’ Security On Video

Celebrity obsessed news website gets the strangest things on video. On Friday, Red Hot Chili Peppers vocalist Anthony Kiedis was walking back to the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia where the Rolling Stones were staying, and Rolling Stones security thought the fifty year old rock and roll hall of famer was a crazed fan. […]

Metallica Cancel Concert, Fans Lose Their Minds, India Gets Pissed

Metallica were supposed to perform in India this week, but decided, at the last possible minute, to cancel. Fans found out and, as history shows again and again, metal fans lost their minds. According to (reps for) Metallica, the event was cancelled after the band learned of the show’s lax security, which reportedly was letting […]

The Chariot’s Set Cut Short

The Chariot had their Lancaster, PA set cut short due to a security altercation with their guitarist, Stephen Harrison. This ultimately got their set stopped, kicked out of the venue and barred from playing there again. To read more on this story or watch footage of the incident please click through .

letlive vs. Security, battle royale

During a show in Louisville, Kentucky with letlive, commotion broke out when a fan tried to stage dive and got tangled with a security guard. The security guard was roughing up the fan when members of letlive and Stray From The Path were quick to jump off stage and defend against the yellow-shirted beast. The […]

A Day To Remember vs. Security

A Day to Remember had an altercation with Security at a recent show. See the ferocity below: