I Guess You Could Say I Enjoyed Some Music in 2014

This year, I’m throwing convention to the wind. I tend to spend too much time deliberating, trying to narrow things down to a set amount of this or that. For 2014, much like any other year, I’m sharing a [very] large collection of what I enjoyed most in the world of music, except these lists will feature no valued ordering and no limitations such as the obligatory and ubiquitous ‘top 10.’

As noted, all the releases below are in no particular order. They’re simply the records and videos I enjoyed the most and spent the most time with this year. …

Cloudkicker - Little Histories

Stream Cloudkicker’s Fantastic New EP, ‘Little Histories’

One-man progressive act Cloudkicker, the longtime solo project of Ben Sharp, never ceases to amaze music fans with his progressive and ambient metal approach to his music. After finally performing live for the first time earlier this year, and releasing a live album (backed by Intronaut) just a week ago, Cloudkicker has given yet another early gift for the holiday.

Sharp has released his latest effort, Little Histories, today via Bandcamp, and much like the whole of his back catalog, this new five-track EP is sure to please.

Stream the EP below and download it with a …


WATCH: Cloudkicker’s Entire First-Ever Live Performance

This has been a hell of a long time coming. We’re talking five LPs and several EPs over the course of 6+ years long. Ben Sharp’s one-man prog-metal project Cloudkicker has been keeping fans amped in the comfort of their own homes since 2008 but he’s finally taken the project on the road to support Intronaut and TesseracT on the Altered State North American Tour Which kicked off this past Saturday night in Springfield, VA.

Visceral Entertainment captured video of Cloudkicker’s very first live performance on Saturday so for those of us lames that can’t attend one of the shows …


Cloudkicker Reveals ‘Subsume’ Details

We always keep our eyes and ears out for what Ben Sharp has in the works. Cloudkicker is a phenomenal solo project spanning progressive, instrumental metal and ambience and the man is yet to disappoint.

We’ve been waiting impatiently to find out what Sharp had in store for us, knowing he had plans to drop something new in the latter half of the year and we now have details on the new Cloudkicker album which releases September 14. The effort is called Subsume and features 5 tracks (digitally, 4 on physical copies) with lengthy titles that read like excerpts from …


Revisiting Esoteric Acts From “The Myspace Daze” (Part 1)

Oh, how we miss the days of deceptively titled bulletins, pc4pc, and hours of pimping your profile with just the right visuals and accompanying music (only to change it all again within a day or two). Myspace dominated the bulk of our high school years much like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram do today. Apart from filling out superfluous surveys and trying to get the best possible selfie angles, finding new music was an immense part of what Myspace was for myself, and millions of other users I’m sure.

I’ll likely look back on Facebook in 10 years and think this …


ALBUM STREAM: Cloudkicker – Fade

It’s been maybe 24 hours since we brought you news that Ben Sharp of Cloudkicker had released the track listing and album art for his next effort, Fade, and the man has already given the fans what they’ve been waiting for with a full stream of the release on his Bandcamp!

With the transition from the first to second track alone, Fade reminds us why Cloudkicker has become such a highlight in the scene; blending beautiful ambient melodies and heavy rhythms to give you a taste of two ends of the spectrum in one creation. This album is …


Cloudkicker Releases ‘Fade’ Album Details and Cover Art

Ben Sharp, the mastermind behind Cloudkicker, recently took to his Tumblr page to reveal the track listing, cover art, and release date (only the month, not specific day) of his forthcoming effort, Fade. We brought you the album announcement last month and we’re excited to get the specifics!

Fade contains seven tracks and in our recent interview with Sharp, he stated the following regarding what the album should sound like:

“Imagine drawing a line between The Discovery and Beacons and extrapolating that trend out a bit farther. Then mix in some mid-90s arena-shoegaze.”

You can check out the …


UTG INTERVIEW: Cloudkicker

Cloudkicker is Ben Sharp’s solo outlet, fusing progressive metal with subtle ambience, all in a do-it-yourself fashion. He’s released four EPs and four full-lengths with much acclaim from fans and reviewers alike. Sharp has recently announced his upcoming effort which he hopes to have prepared for a fall release.

Sharp took some time away from his work to speak with us briefly about how he got started as Cloudkicker and what we can expect on the new album. Read through and enjoy!

How did Cloudkicker come to be?
After doing the band thing most of my teens, I started writing …


Cloudkicker Updates Fans on New Album

Ben Sharp took to his Tumblr yesterday to update fans with an entry entitled, “What I’m up to,” regarding his progressive metal solo endeavor, Cloudkicker. The most exciting part of what he had to say was this:

“If I had to sum up what things sound like I would use the words GUITARS and LOUD. Hell of a lot of guitars on this album. Like 6 tracks of lead guitars.”

Since his double release of Let Yourself Be Huge and Loop in November, Sharp has finished writing his newest effort which is currently untitled but will hopefully see a …


Cloudkicker Double Release

Ben Sharp also known by the moniker Cloudkicker will be releasing not one, but two albums on November 22.

Let Yourself Be Huge will contain eight tracks and Loop will have a whopping sixteen tracks. Both will be available via digital download whereas Let Yourself Be Huge will also be in CD and 10″ vinyl format.

Sharp is currently streaming five previous releases on his Bandcamp page at the link provided above.

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