Zella Day

SWOON: Zella Day Premieres “High”

The beautiful and talented Zella Day will release her debut full-length, Kicker, on June 2 via Pinetop Records/Hollywood Records. In anticipation, the rising pop starlet has offered fans their first taste of the future in the form of “High,” a soaring single that is equally mesmerizing and melancholy. Check it out below (via Billboard), and […]

The 25 Tracks That Dominated My 2014 Over All Others

I already babbled on extensively about my favorite full releases and music videos of the year, but it’s been eating away at me that I didn’t put some focus on the individual tracks I spent a significant amount of time with since 2014 began. So without wasting any more of your time than needed, below […]

I Guess You Could Say I Enjoyed Some Music in 2014

This year, I’m throwing convention to the wind. I tend to spend too much time deliberating, trying to narrow things down to a set amount of this or that. For 2014, much like any other year, I’m sharing a [very] large collection of what I enjoyed most in the world of music, except these lists […]

Zella Day Releases Debut EP With “Hypnotic” Single

Zella Day‘s self-titled debut EP was released today via B3SCI Records, and as three of its four tracks have been readily available online for some time now, the final to be released, titled “Hypnotic,” is now streaming as a single and it’s already gaining traction with ease. Out of the four excellent tracks on the […]

UTG’s Favorite Singles Of Summer 2014

The summer may have been a bummer for hollywood execs and people hoping to see Outkast perform anywhere other than an overcrowded festival, but those who love discovering new music have had plenty to celebrate. Whether you like pop, rock, folk, country, EDM, or any combination of the five there were a slew of new […]

Zella Day Continues To Floor Us With “Compass”

Now, after four singles released, I’m wholly convinced that Zella Day can do no wrong. She has all the makings of a festival headliner and pop Goddess. All she needs is the promotional push to elevate her to those heights, and I see that happening in no time fast. Although the selfish part of me […]

Zella Day Drops Another Sure-fire Hit With “East Of Eden”

We’ve already professed our love for Zella Day, and we’ve been anxiously awaiting her next move ever since. Today, the Los Angeles-based songstress has once again assured us that she’s destined to be the next big thing with the release of a new single entitled “East Of Eden.” The new track, which is to be […]

Zella Day Releases Music Video For “Sweet Ophelia”

We’ve already professed our love for Zella Day and I don’t see that love dwindling anytime soon. The Los Angeles-based songstress is set to release her excellent 7″ tomorrow, April 8, featuring her debut single, “Sweet Ophelia,” and an equally impressive b-side in “1965.” Today, Zella Day has unleashed her music video to accompany “Sweet […]

Don’t Waste Another Minute Not Knowing Zella Day

Los Angeles-based newcomer Zella Day burst onto the scene with an undeniable statement in the impressive single, “Sweet Ophelia,” and now immediately after returning from SXSW, the inevitable headliner is streaming the b-side to her debut 7″, entitled “1965.” If you didn’t know any better, it’d be easy to mistake Day for Lana Del Rey […]