dance rock

The White Tie Affair – Walk This Way

Band: The White Tie Affair Album: Walk This Way Genre: Pop Rock/Dance Rock Label: Epic Tracks: 1. Allow Me To Introduce Myself…Mr. Right 2. The Letdown 3. Candle 4. Scene Change 5. Watching You 6. The Enemy 7. Take it Home 8. Price of Company 9. If I Fall 10. The Way Down Imagine that […]

Family Force 5 – Dance Or Die

Band: Family Force 5 Album: Dance or Die Genre: Dance Rock Label: None/EMI Distribution Tracks: 1. Dance or Die 2. Get Your Back Off the Wall 3. Rip it Up 4. How in the World 5. Fever 6. Party Foul 7. D-I-E 4 Y-O-U 8. Share it With Me 9. The First Time 10. Wake […]

Danger Radio – Used and Abused

Band: Danger Radio Album: Used and Abused Genre: Pop Rock/Dance Label: Photo Finish Tracks: 1. So Far Gone 2. Things 3. One More Chance 4. Kiss N’ Tell 5. Your Kind [Speak To Me] 6. Slow Dance With A Stranger 7. Used and Abused 8. Alive For The First Time 9. You All Believe 10. […]

Thee Armada – Rock, Shock & Load

Band: Thee Armada Album: Rock, Shock & Load Genre: Pop Punk/Rock Label: Foundation Recordings Tracks: 1. Rock, Shock & Load 2. Along The Way It’s become apparent to me that every region of the USA has a hotbed for musical talent. In the East, we have New Jersey and their ever-influential pop punk sound or […]