Thee Armada – Rock, Shock & Load

Band: Thee Armada
Album: Rock, Shock & Load
Genre: Pop Punk/Rock
Label: Foundation Recordings

1. Rock, Shock & Load
2. Along The Way

It’s become apparent to me that every region of the USA has a hotbed for musical talent. In the East, we have New Jersey and their ever-influential pop punk sound or gruff working man anthems while the West brought us Grunge, gangster rap, and the recent rise of indie pop/rock [Death Cab For Cutie, The Decemberists, etc.]. Now, it seems that Texas is the going to be a hotspot for dance rock and pop bands. We here at UTG have been attempting to keep you informed of the hottest acts from the area with coverage of PlayRadioPlay and Forever The Sickest Kids, but this next band is one we’re covering before they burst into the mainstream so that you can be the first on your block to hear the next big thing. Thee Armada, a 5 piece groups from Houston have top 40 radio written all over them. They’ve yet to release a full length, or really a full EP, but they’ve got 2 tracks up on Itunes that you need to add to your collection right now.

Every band hoping to make it in the industry, especially in the pop punk area, needs an anthem song. The kind of song that as soon as it begins you and your friends just start screaming along with smiles on your face. For Thee Armada, “Rock, Shock & Load,” is that song. From the very first 15 sec. you know that what your hearing is this band’s key to the industry. It’s a song about what they know best, themselves and Texas. Though none of us on staff at UTG nor anyone we’ve shared this group with is from Texas, we feel as if they’re singing about our lives. The entire track is simple guitar work and drumming, but the vocals, mixed with a stunningly perfect chorus, set this song apart. Any teenager/young adult with a group of friends can relate to, “This is how we do it, where we come from, just get into it, or move along.” If you only give this band one song to win you over, this is it.

The second track offered up is, “Along The Way,” has a strong similarity to a song Forever The Sickest Kids could make, but it stands out nonetheless. Musically. this song is much stronger than the previous. The guitars, bass, and drums all take the forefront hear. After a simple intro, you’re hit with a wall of rock grooves before the chorus kicks in and sucks you in for the ride. Once again, the hook is undeniable. For me, it was like hearing a new age version of, “Radio #2,” by The Ataris, but heavier. I don’t think this is really single worthy, but its sure to be a fan favorite as the chorus will the soundtrack to many summers across America.

Thee Armada is, without a doubt in my mind, the next big thing in the pop punk scene. This band has Warped Tour headliners, Alternative Press cover, and Hot Topic end cap displays written all over them. I will admit though, I’m curious to see if they have more to offer than just party anthems because you can’t ride that boat forever. However, until they absolutely have to, I think Thee Armada can ride the feel good, teen anthem train for quite awhile. Go to Itunes right now and buy these songs, then see this band live before they start playing huge venues. You’ll thank me later and you’ll in on one of the hottest bands no one knows yet.
*Written By: James Shotwell*
GRADE: 9/10

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