ever after


REVIEW: Ever After – What Matters Most

Artist: Ever After Album: What Matters most Genre: Metalcore/Post-Hardcore Label: Unsigned I can’t think of one person that wouldn’t admit that music shape their lives in some way – especially the ones that are truly devoted, out there going to shows, waiting online for news on new albums, song streams, or tour announcements, or even […]

Roy English

VIDEO: Roy English – Ever After (Unplugged)

Eye Alaska was always a favorite to most of Under The Gun’s staff. However, the void left with the band’s split has been refilled and overflowed with the hits pouring out of Canary Dynasty’s team of music makers. Not a single song they have released has been a disappointment. With the consistent barrage of free […]

Marianas Trench

MUSIC VIDEO: Marianas Trench – Haven’t Had Enough

Marianas Trench have recently released a music video for “Haven’t Had Enough.” This is the first single off of their upcoming album, Ever After, which is expected to be released sometime in early fall. Click through to see the video!