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REVIEW: Sudden Suspension – ‘There’s A Bigger Picture Here’

Artist: Sudden Suspension Album: There’s A Bigger Picture Here Label: Bad Timing Records This is the sound of growing up. For their third EP, Indiana natives Sudden Suspension have tasked themselves with encapsulating what it feels like to grow up in 2015, along with all the challenges one encounters along the way. From getting over […]

REVIEW: Tyler Carter – ‘Leave Your Love’ EP

Artist: Tyler Carter Album: Leave Your Love EP Label: Rise Records The Internet has been demanding a Tyler Carter solo album since 2010, if not longer. Several songs surfaced in 2011, including the popular “Side To Side,” but no release ever came together. Demand returned following the rise of Carter’s latest project, Issues, and now […]

REVIEW: Bobby Shmurda – ‘Shmurda She Wrote’ EP

Artist: Bobby Shmurda Album: Shmurda She Wrote Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap After a summer that sent him rising from a nobody to one of the most blogged about names in urban music, Bobby Shmurda has all the hype in the world and none of the work to back it up. Though he’s become a household name in […]

REVIEW: Too Close To Touch – ‘Too Close To Touch’ EP

Artist: Too Close To Touch Album: Too Close To Touch EP Genre: Post Hardcore Label: Epitaph Records Ladies and gents, prepare yourself for the arrival of an exciting newcomer in the post-hardcore scene: Lexington, Kentucky’s Too Close To Touch. The 5-piece assembly from the birthplace of Emarosa have recently announced their signing to Epitaph Records […]

REVIEW: Seaway – ‘All In My Head’ EP

Artist: Seaway Album: All In My Head Genre: Pop Punk I love a good album as much as the next person, but there is something far more exciting about stumbling across an almost perfect EP. When you only have four or five songs to work with, every note of every song matters. These releases can […]

The Weekend Classic Are About To Become Your New Favorite Band

I’ve always found that the best listening experience anyone can hope to stumble across is an instance where material that you never expected to impress you ends up knocking you on your ass. The track plays, your jaw slowly comes unhinged, and by the time it ends you’re too busy eating your own words to […]

REVIEW: Meghan Trainor – ‘Title’ EP

Meghan Trainor’s debut EP leaves a lot to be desired.

REVIEW: MØ – ‘Bikini Daze’

Artist: MØ Album: Bikini Daze EP Genre: Pop, Indie, Ambient Label: Chess Club / RCA Victor Pop lovers focusing their listening efforts on the likes of Lorde, Lana, and Lykke Li, are depriving themselves of an equally deserving talent in Copenhagen’s MØ. Seemingly coming out of nowhere in the latter half of 2012 with the […]

Living With Lions Feature

REVIEW: Living With Lions – Some Of My Friends Appear Dead To Me

Artist: Living With Lions Album: Some Of My Friends Appear Dead To Me Genre: Pop-Punk Label: Pure Noise Records One of the realities of being in a band with other people is knowing that there are always going to be outside factors that will influence your  bandmates’ willingness to keep their efforts in at 100%. […]

REVIEW: Squid The Whale – Four More

Artist: Squid The Whale Album: Four More EP Genre: Rock & Soul Label: Unsigned Squid The Whale. What can possibly be said about the group that their music hasn’t already? You’d have to be living under a rock not to already know about vocalist Bradley Walden and his skilled gang of eccentric virtuoso rock and […]

REVIEW: Lovelectric – An Ovation For Innovation

Band: Lovelectric Album: An Ovation For Innovation Genre: Rock/Pop Label: Unsigned I can already tell it’s going to be an amazing year for NY/NJ pop-rock act, Lovelectric. In fact, had their new EP, An Ovation For Innovation, been released any earlier, it would’ve easily made the top of my Best of 2012 list for UTG, […]

REVIEW: Travis Barker and Yelawolf – Psycho White

Artist: Travis Barker and Yelawolf Album: Psycho White Genre: Experimental/Rap/Rock There was a time within the last decade when artist collaborations were a rare thing saved for gigantic singles, but that time is quickly becoming a distant memory. These days, if you’re a recognizable face in mainstream music there is a 97%* chance at any […]