The New Trailer For ‘The Raid 2: Berandal’ Will Blow You Away

It takes a lot these days to make an action movie that stands out from the crowd. Action movies are a dime a dozen so it takes something truly amazing to make most fans of the genre to take notice. Today the new trailer for The Raid 2: Berandal hit the net and we noticed…hard. The trailer […]


Kevin James Drops Weight And Kicks Ass In “Here Comes The Boom” Trailer

Comedian Kevin James spent the better part of the past decade making a living as a the overweight funnyman with a heart of gold (King Of Queens, Paul Blart, and Zookeeper just to name a few), but in 2011 he started to make changes and now returns to the screen fitter than ever in this […]


[New Feature!] STAY HOME: “Goon”

UTG is continuing to expand our film coverage with the debut of STAY HOME, a recurring review column dedicated to features released outside of movie theaters. Whether it’s VOD, online only, or direct-to-dvd, this feature is dedicated to the films destined for the small screen. If you have a film, or even if you simply […]


Bring Me The Horizon (Literally) Fight Fans, Guitarist Breaks Hand

Yet another Bring Me The Horizon performance has gone down in infamy following (another) on stage altercation between the band and concert goers. BMTH were getting ready to close out their November 6 set at The Circus Venue in Helsinki, Finland when a fight broke out between members of the audience and Bring Me The […]

FANS REPORT IN: Chiodos “implode” on stage

This morning we received a text message informing us Chiodos had quote/unquote “imploded” on stage last night in Allentown, PA. Research was done via the internet and numerous phone calls, but no one from the band is talking. We reached out to our readers to see if anyone attended last night’s performance and were given […]

VIDEO: Odd Future’s Detroit show ends in fighting

Odd Future have almost literally paved a path of destruction throughout their entire current tour. Last night, matters escalated higher than ever before when a FIGHT broke out after fans began hurling glass bottles at OFWGKTA, reportedly even striking Sid in the head. You can view a video of the incident below. The fight begins […]

Diplo takes on Lil Jon in latest video

Dubstep heavy hitter Diplo, takes on an animated version of Lil John in his latest video for “U Don’t Like Me”. Check out their epic video game inspired video after the jump.