First ‘Deadpool’ Trailers Are Basically A Fan’s Wet Dream

The wait is over. A little over a year after unreleased test footage of a long-shelved Deadpool film leaked online, 20th Century Fox has released the first official trailer for the movie the internet demanded they create. Deadpool is known by some as Wade Wilson, a mercenary who chooses to join the Weapon-X program after […]

‘The Martian’ Trailer: Matt Damon Is Left Behind On Mars

Ridley Scott is taking audiences to Mars for his latest film, and so far the results look far more promising than Prometheus. Earlier today, June 8, the first trailer for The Martian found its way online. The film tells the story of a man (Matt Damon) who must fight for survival on Mars after being […]

‘Top Five’ Trailer Proves Chris Rock Is Still The King Of Comedy

There are many icons in the world of stand-up comedy, but many of those who have been given that title are no longer among the living. There are only a few ‘greats’ still walking around in 2014, and of those even less are actively doing comedy in a live setting. Chris Rock has not toured […]

The Week In Trailers (December 7, 2013)

Everyone has a different level of love for movies. Some people like to show up to the theater just in the nick of time to catch their flick, choosing to skip seeing the trailers before the feature. Others will make sure they arrive early enough to see all the previews so they can get excited […]

Red Band ‘Hell Baby’ Trailer Is Pure Awesome

Horror comedy is hard. For every one Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil that comes along there are a dozen lazy efforts made attempting to cash in on people’s love of parodies. We’ve had two soul-sucking films attemp to succeed in this genre already in 2013 (A Haunted House and Scary Movie 5), but this fall […]

WATCH: Every Movie-Related Super Bowl 2013 Ad

Sports isn’t really our thing, but movie trailers are the type of content we spend all day and night praying for. While many of you were watching the game today, we were looking for those oh-so-expensive movie trailer ads. We now present them all to you without the hassle of watching football. This article is […]

TRAILER: The Smurfs 2

You can run, but you cannot hide from, The Smurfs. After earning over $500 million at the worldwide box office with their original outing, the pint sized Smurfs will again be returning to the big screen in 2013 with the aptly titled Smurfs 2. This time around, Gargamel (Hank Azaria) creates his own Smurf-sized creatures […]

B.o.B Previews New Song “Dynamite” On UStream

B.o.B gave Ustream and his loyal fan base a first listen of the track “Dynamite” (or “Dynomite”) online late last night. This is the only new material that has surfaced off of his upcoming mixtape. After the huge response from Strange Clouds, Bobby Ray is ready to unleash the new mixtape Fuck Em We Ball […]

Curren$y Unveils #PriestAndretti Trailer, Song Previews

Curren$y has been working in secret on his forthcoming mixtape, entitled #PriestAndretti, which takes aim at a October 31 (Wednesday) release date. Where does Curren$y keep all this new material locked up at? It is insane. He has previewed two songs in a retro-themed trailer for #PriestAndretti and can be viewed through the jump. Get […]

Teens Look For Love And Missing Siblings On Halloween In First “Fun Size” Trailer

In a world completely changed by the internet, Nickelodeon has managed to remain one television network (and at time, film studio) that never changed much. New shows were introduced, often tweaked to reflect whatever is popular in mainstream culture, but the goodheartedness has always remained at the core. I’m not saying that is about to […]

Kevin James Drops Weight And Kicks Ass In “Here Comes The Boom” Trailer

Comedian Kevin James spent the better part of the past decade making a living as a the overweight funnyman with a heart of gold (King Of Queens, Paul Blart, and Zookeeper just to name a few), but in 2011 he started to make changes and now returns to the screen fitter than ever in this […]

HOLY SH!T: The First Trailer For “Taken 2” Vows Revenge

Liam Neeson has been a Hollywood badass for many years, but the original Taken definitely helped launch his stardom into the stratosphere, so it only makes sense that he would return to his golden calf in hopes of once again striking box office gold. Taken 2 will be opening this Fall, with Liam reprising his […]