Defeater’s Derek Archambault Releases EP and Launches Fundraiser to Pay Off Surgery

In hopes of getting his personal medical situation sorted out, Defeater and Alcoa frontman Derek Archambault has decided to turn to his family, friends, and fans to financially support his upcoming hip surgery bill through a PledgeMusic fundraiser. Archambault’s condition was made public within the past year through a Facebook post which essentially told fans […]

James Franco

James Franco Launches Indiegogo For Upcoming Film Trilogy Project

Before you go and write this off as another instance of somebody who’s made of money turning to the public in search of the funding to put together a project that could easily fund it himself, don’t. James Franco’s recently launched Indiegogo fundraiser for his Palo Alto: Stories collection that hit bookshelves back in mid-2011 […]

Transit 2013

Transit Release Shirt To Support Boston Bombing Victims

Stoneham, Massachusetts’ Transit has released a brand new shirt intended to help provide relief for the victims of last week’s bombings in Boston. “Being away from home during a time like last week was one of the hardest things we’ve had to endure as a band. It was endlessly frustrating to not be able to reach out […]

Support the return of Leslie Vernon

If you’re a fan of horror, Leslie Vernon is a name you should already know. Having made his screen debut in Behind The Mask: The Rise Of Leslie Vernon, Leslie is America’s premiere serial killer in the making. The original film was a glimpse into his world and now, if fans support, we can learn […]