James Franco Launches Indiegogo For Upcoming Film Trilogy Project

James Franco

Before you go and write this off as another instance of somebody who’s made of money turning to the public in search of the funding to put together a project that could easily fund it himself, don’t. James Franco’s recently launched Indiegogo fundraiser for his Palo Alto: Stories collection that hit bookshelves back in mid-2011 is less about himself and more about four NYU directors and charity.

The lofty goal of $500,000 done through a flexible funding campaign doesn’t seem as much once it’s taken into consideration that all of the earnings, whether it’s the complete amount met on deadline or not, will be divided towards three films that are currently planned to premiere at the same time. The movies are as follows: Memoria (directed by Nina Ljeti and Vladimir Bourdeau de Fontenay), Killing Animals (directed by Bruce Thierry Cheung), and Yosemite (directed by Gabriel Demestree). All of the profits made from the film projects will go out towards Art of Elysium.

Follow the jump to watch Franco’s promotional video for the fundraiser. For more information on the project, or to support the cause, go on to the Indiegogo page for Palo Alto Stories.

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