Darkside St Vincent Remix

Hear Darkside’s Dark Industrial Remix of St. Vincent’s “Digital Witness”

Electronic musician, record label owner, student, and all around renaissance man Nicolas Jaar never seems to stop working. His Other People label recently shared a single from his Just Friends project, announced the upcoming solo EP from Dave Harrington, and have now shared a new Darkside remix of St. Vincent‘s “Digital Witness.” Darkside, aka Jaar and […]


REVIEW: Davey Suicide – Put Your Trust In Suicide

Artist: Davey Suicide Album: Put Your Trust In Suicide Genre: Industrial If any tasteless juggalos or angsty scene girls are looking for a new fake goth artist to like, Davey Suicide will definitely be up their alley. His sound is heavily influenced by Marilyn Manson, Orgy and other industrial artists. Davey Suicide’s EP Put Our […]

The Revolting Cocks – Sex-O Olympic-O

Band: The Revolting Cocks Album: Sex-O Olympic-O Genre: Rock Label: 13th Planet Tracks: 1. Hookerbot3000 2. Keys To the City 3. Red Parrot 4. Robo Banditos 5. Cousins 6. Touch Screen 7. I’m Not Gay 8. Abundant Redundancy 9. Lewd Ferringo 10. Wizard of Sextown 11. Hookerbot3000 [Remix] I have been a little sidetracked from […]