MUSIC VIDEO: Serianna – Virtues

Serianna have released their live music video for the song “Virtues” and can be seen right here! Their song comes off of the latest effort, Inheritors, through Bullet Tooth Records. The video showcases the band’s endless energy onstage and the great musicianship they have. You might even see our photographer Chris Blincoe in a few […]


REVIEW: Serianna – Inheritors

“This is, really, a shame – the music is very well put together and the singing accomplished for the most part, but there’s no effort put into distinguishing the songs or affording them a real sense of individual identity. As a result, this all converges into one consistent cluster of noise, heaving with attitude and intent but not catching fire the way it aims to.”

Serianna sign to Bullet Tooth Records

Congrats to Serianna, who have just signed a contract with Bullet Tooth Records. The band has posted up a video of the official signing day that can be viewed below. They are set to release their album Inheritors this coming summer, produced by Joel Wanasek, so be on the look out for that.