Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion Is At An “All Time Low” In His Latest Single

At the end of last month Jon Bellion shared with fans his first single since releasing The Definition in 2014. It has only been two weeks, but Bellion is ready to share yet another new track with fans. This new song is titled “All Time Low,” and it’s available to stream below via Bellion’s Soundcloud. […]

Jon Bellion

Listen To Jon Bellion’s Latest Single, “Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction)”

Jon Bellion recently promised fans that he would be releasing a brand new single today, and he’s delivered on that promise. Earlier this afternoon he dropped a catchy new track titled “Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction).” You can give the song a listen below. “Woodstock (Psychedelic Fiction)” is a bit more laid back than some of the […]

The Definition

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Jon Bellion – ‘The Definition’

Today is the release date for Jon Bellion‘s sophomore full-length album, The Definition. We’ve been writing about it for weeks now in anticipation of its release, and now we’re happy to help spread the word about it. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, you can stream it in full below […]

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion Shares Animated Short For His Single “Luxury”

Jon Bellion‘s sophomore full-length album, The Definition, will officially be released by the artist today. Up until now he has released a handful of singles, and one of them is a song titled “Luxury,” featuring guest vocals by Audra Mae. As promised, Bellion has now released an animated short film to accompany the song. You […]

Jon Bellion

Watch The Music Video For Jon Bellion’s New Single, “Carry Your Throne”

I’m not one to gush much. Sure, there are bands and artists that I adore and may enjoy talking about but there aren’t too many. With that being said though, the one artist that I have shamelessly been promoting the last few months is Long Island-based singer/songwriter Jon Bellion. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything he’s […]


UTG’s Favorite Singles Of Summer 2014

The summer may have been a bummer for hollywood execs and people hoping to see Outkast perform anywhere other than an overcrowded festival, but those who love discovering new music have had plenty to celebrate. Whether you like pop, rock, folk, country, EDM, or any combination of the five there were a slew of new […]


STREAM: Jon Bellion – “Luxury” Feat. Audra Mae

Jon Bellion will be releasing a brand new album later this month, titled The Definition. This will be his second full-length album, and so far it’s promising to be a great one. Earlier today he teamed up with Time to reveal a brand new song off the upcoming record, titled “Luxury.” The song features by […]

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion Serenades Us With The Music Video For “Simple And Sweet”

Jon Bellion recently announced that he will be releasing a brand new album next month, titled The Definition. This will be his second full-length release in less than a year. Don’t expect to hear the same music twice, though – Bellion has already proved that he is bringing a whole new sound to his latest […]

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion Streams “Munny Right”

Jon Bellion has released a brand new single for fans to enjoy. Even though he dropped a full-length album at the end of last year, he’s wasting no time getting more music out there. His new song is titled “Munny Right,” and you can stream it below the break. “Munny Right” easily competes with the […]

Jon Bellion

ALBUM STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Jon Bellion – ‘The Separation’

Jon Bellion is a talented up and coming musician from New York City, NY. His music is a mix of hip hop, pop and he’s known to occasionally rap in his songs. Today he has released a new album, which he wrote and produced himself. The album is titled The Separation, and it features a […]

Jon Bellion

MUSIC VIDEO: Jon Bellion – “Jim Morrison”

Another day, another reason to listen to some new music. We’ve written about Jon Bellion before, and suggested that you check him out. Well, he’s managed to impress us again with another brand new single, titled “Jim Morrison.” The song is a 180 from the last single we covered, “New York Soul,” and has more […]

Jon Bellion

MUST LISTEN: Jon Bellion – “New York Soul”

If you needed to hear something slow and sweet today then I think we found that song for you. The artist is named Jon Bellion, and he’s “Hip – Pop Soul- Kinda,” at least according to his Facebook page. He just released a new song, and it’s definitely worth a listen or ten. He sings […]