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‘V/H/S Viral’ Red-Band Trailer: Third Time May Be The Bloody Charm

Following suit from its predecessors, V/H/S Viral compiles short horror films from a myriad of up and coming directors. Tied together loosely by a main story about teenagers stumbling upon some horrific videotapes, the third entry in the V/H/S series seems to amp up the insanity, gore, violence, and body horror. Releasing on October 23 via VOD and with a limited theatrical run on November 21, this venture into the horror compilation includes entries from directors such as Justin Benson (Resolution), Gregg Bishop (Dance of the Dead), Todd Lincoln (The Apparition), Aaron Moorhead (…


MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Grand Piano’

Film: Grand Piano
Starring: Elijah Wood
Directed by: Eugenio Mira

Hollywood has a long history of using unseen assailants to propel a storyline forward. The results of these efforts have been mixed throughout time. Some films play like ticking time bombs, slowly forcing the audience to slip ever-so-slightly toward the edge of their seats, others come off as half-assed attempts at building tension in situations where it otherwise does not exist. Grand Piano uses this formula to further emphasize an already tense situation, but the results leave a bit too much to be desired.

James Shotwell is the

Grand Piano

Understand the True Meaning of Stage Fright in the New Trailer for ‘Grand Piano’

Are you the type of person that gets scared to be on stage? The kind of person who loves to create but hates to perform because of the crippling amount of anxiety that comes with it? Well, imagine having those anxieties, and then being told that if you miss one note of your performance, you will be shot on site by a sniper rifle. If you just had a slight panic attack, you may not want to watch the trailer for Eugenio Mira’s new film, Grand Piano.

Starring Elijah Wood, Grand Piano tells the story of a reclusive pianist named …


UTG LIST: 10 Summer VOD Hits You May Have Missed

Summer 2013 has been one for the record books as far as movies are concerned. There have been many success stories, as well as a surprising amount of failures, and now as the dog days of summer begin to wind down we think it’s time to reflect on the best films you’ve yet to see. Fall is fast approaching, and soon many of you will be back in school, but we’ve found ten films that will help make the final days of summer just a bit better (from the comfort of your own home, no less).

The rise of Video …



Film: V/H/S/2
Directed by: Jason Eisener, Gareth Evans, Simon Barrett, Adam Wingard, et al.
Starring: Kelsy Abbott, Hannah Al Rashid

Less than a year has passed since the majority of the world was able to experience the original V/H/S, and already the anthology horror project originally conceived by Bloody-Disgusting’s Brad Miska has birthed a sequel. V/H/S/2 follows a format similar to the original, with a selection of the genre’s biggest names contributing shorts, but this time the final results far outshine their predecessor in every way imaginable.

James Shotwell is the founder of Under The Gun Review.


THE SHORT CUT: An Interview with Radio Silence

The Short Cut is a new column on Under The Gun that showcases the careers of short film directors. Shorts are often overlooked when it comes to the entire spectrum of film, and by including interviews with the directors themselves and information about their creative efforts, this column will highlight the work of some of the medium’s dignitaries that we feel deserve your attention.

This year saw one of the most creative horror releases in recent memory with the anthology, V/H/S. Comprised of five found footage short films wrapped up in an intensely terrifying story arc, V/H/S explores new …


[New Feature!] STAY HOME: “Goon”

UTG is continuing to expand our film coverage with the debut of STAY HOME, a recurring review column dedicated to features released outside of movie theaters. Whether it’s VOD, online only, or direct-to-dvd, this feature is dedicated to the films destined for the small screen.

If you have a film, or even if you simply know of one we need to cover, let us know! send an email to with the heading “STAY HOME” and tell us about it!

Film: Goon
Starring: Seann William Scott, Live Schreiber, Jay Baruchel
Directed by: Michael Dowse

Movie reviews are tough because …

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Sundance Film Festival 2010, Midnight

Indie Film Spotlight: Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

We’re sure you’ve noticed by now, but film has been becoming a very large part of Under The Gun Review. We are all huge film buffs and felt we could save everyone a few clicks by expanding our coverage (and honestly, it’s nice not having to write about (insert band) premiereing/unveiling/announcing (insert event) over and over again).

This spotlight will highlight a new/recent/upcoming independent film that we feel you need to see. The Harry Potters of the world will always be successful and easily available on Netflix, but indies need your help and contributions to survive and thrive. Just like …