Jug face

UTG LIST: 10 Summer VOD Hits You May Have Missed

Summer 2013 has been one for the record books as far as movies are concerned. There have been many success stories, as well as a surprising amount of failures, and now as the dog days of summer begin to wind down we think it’s time to reflect on the best films you’ve yet to see. […]


Film: Jug Face Director: Chad Crawford Kinkle Starring: Lauren Ashley Carter “There is a pit in the woods that chooses who lives and who dies.” If you are starting this review without any previous knowledge of the film Jug Face, I highly suggest you use the above sentence as the only description you read and […]

UTG LIST: 5 Must-See Films Of The Boston Underground Film Festival

Since its inception, the Boston Underground Film Festival has been the go-to destination in New England for all things weird, scary, strange, or extreme in the world of film. Now in its fifteenth year, BUFF remains as surreal a festival as anyone could hope to find, and that is just the way it needs to […]