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the human abstract

UTG EXCLUSIVE: The Human Abstract MAY Still Be Together

In early January, UTG brought you news that The Human Abstract were no longer a band after bassist Henry Selva mentioned the band’s demise on his Facebook. A few emails from readers and guess what? There is more to this story than meets the eye. Earlier this week, Human Abstract guitarist Dean Herrera replied to […]

The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer Post Studio Video

The Dangerous Summer have not broken up and to prove it they’ve uploaded a new studio video for fans to enjoy. Posted on Facebook Sunday evening, the video you can see after the jump is entitled “Knives” and features the band jamming what sounds like a new song. There were no details posted along with […]

You, Me, And Everyone I Have Yet To Steal From

Fans of You, Me, And Everyone we know were heartbroken to learn of the band’s apparent demise earlier this year after news broke about vocalist Ben Liebsch stealing from the other members. There was a lot of drama and things went silent on both ends of the argument, but a post on Liebsch’s Tumblr earlier […]