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Dreamcatcher Stream New Single, “Perspective”

Baltimore, Maryland’s Dreamcatcher have released a toe-tapping new single titled “Perspective.” Check it out after the jump, and if you’re a fan, pick it up here via ITunes. A stellar addition to the group’s growing catalogue, “Perspective” hums along for three and a half melancholy minutes, supported by memorable vocal lines, and some top-notch guitar work courtesy of […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Dreamcatcher – “June”

Sometimes good things come from bad situations. There is proof of that statement in Baltimore, Maryland’s Dreamcatcher. The band features guitarist Bryan Czap, who left the constantly brewing storm of interpersonal conflicts and public embarrassments known as The Dangerous Summer following the 2012 release of War Paint, and their new video for “June” is essential […]

The Dangerous Summer Release ‘Thank You For 8 Years’ Photo book

Bands break up all of the time. Some breakups are civil, and others are nasty. In the case of The Dangerous Summer, their parting wasn’t the nastiest we’ve seen, but it was certainly following quite a bit of drama. Frontman AJ Perdomo left the group, then shortly after the band ended up calling it quits. […]

The Dangerous Summer Officially Break Up

The departure of AJ Perdomo over the weekend left many wondering whether or not The Dangerous Summer would remain together. Today we learned the answer is, sadly, no. Writing to fans and recognizing that it is indeed April Fools’ Day, the remaining members of The Dangerous Summer posted a message across social networks this afternoon […]

Rookie Of The Year Covers EP

UTG EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD: Rookie of the Year – ‘The Covers EP’

Acoustic-pop veteran Rookie of the Year has teamed up with Under The Gun for an exclusive, free download of his brand new record, The Covers EP. Containing affectionately catchy new twists on fan-favorite tracks both old and new, The Covers EP is a diverse collection of influential numbers. The record includes new and unique renditions […]

The Dangerous Summer Frontman Claims His Signature Was Forged In Tab Books

It seems that The Dangerous Summer just can’t seem to keep themselves out of headlines as of late, and not in a good way. The frontman of the band, AJ Perdomo, tweeted that he was unaware of, and not associated with, the tab books that were allegedly signed by the band. The only tab books […]

Hopeless Records Launch IndieGoGo For Sub City Studios

Hopeless Records has never shied away from giving back to the community. Through their nonprofit imprint, Sub City, which has released albums by Thrice, The Weakerthans, and more, they have raised over two million dollars for a variety of organizations. Now, they are undertaking another great project with Sub City Studios. Sub City Studios will […]

Matthew Leimkuehler Album of the Year

Matthew Leimkuehler’s ‘Best of 2013’ In Music

2013 was a year full of insurmountable twists and turns with each new record release. One of the best years in recent memory, music fans world-wide rejoiced over incredible releases amongst all genres in the industry. As the year comes to an end, it has been overwhelmingly difficult to narrow down a list of simply […]

REVIEW: Call The Station – ‘Signals’

Artist: Call The Station Album: Signals Genre: Emo / Alternative Rock “I know what you’re capable of. Even when you don’t.” Haven’t we all felt that way at some point in our lives? It’s a strange dichotomy, something we’ve all felt, but never quite been able to put our fingers on. Enter Call The Station. […]

The Dangerous Summer Release Music Video For “Sins”

Golden Record is The Dangerous Summer‘s third full length studio album, which was released August 6 via Hopeless Records. A few days ago, the band released a music video for one of their singles, titled “Sins.” The video has the band performing with a black background, and cuts back and forth between them and two […]

MUSIC VIDEO TEASER: The Dangerous Summer – “Sins”

The Dangerous Summer will be releasing a music video for their single, titled “Sins.” The song is taken from their recently released album, The Golden Record. To build some anticipation for the music video, the band released a short teaser for fans to check out. You can watch the video by taking a look below […]

REVIEW: The Dangerous Summer – ‘Golden Record’

Artist: The Dangerous Summer Album: Golden Record Genre: Rock Label: Hopeless Records The Dangerous Summer have answered to 2011’s jaw-dropping effort, War Paint, with the blisteringly authentic new album, Golden Record. Brilliantly diverse in stepping away from previous releases, while still undeniably The Dangerous Summer, Golden Record gives listeners a new look into a band […]