STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Domo Genesis Ft Remy Banks – “Drugs Got Me Spiritual”

April 20 has become a go-to day for urban artists hoping to ride the wave of popularity in marijuana culture, and this year has proven to be no different. I chose not to post a number of tracks that have been submitted already because, to be frank, they were nothing more than an excuse to […]

tyler the creator and david letterman

WATCH: Tyler, The Creator Feat. Earl Sweatshirt and Domo Genesis Perform “Rusty” on ‘Letterman’

Last night, members of Odd Future stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman to perform the song “Rusty” from Tyler, The Creator’s new album, Wolf.  There’s no doubt that Odd Future is a collection of entertaining personalities. During Domo Genesis’ verse, both Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, The Creator bust out an impromptu choreographed dance. […]

Earl Sweatshirt 2012

WATCH: Earl Sweatshirt interview and perform “WHOA” at SXSW

With consistent news starting to pile up on the rap game’s youngest rising star, Earl Sweatshirt hung out with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and fellow Odd Future member, Domo Genesis, at SXSW. In the nearly 24-minute interview, the two discuss eating lunch with Andre 3000, his top 5 MC’s, Mac Miller as a producer, Tyler […]

Earl Sweatshirt 2012

Earl Sweatshirt to release a collaborative EP with Jesse Futerman?

We’re not one to start rumors around here at Under The Gun, but when we hear Earl Sweatshirt news, we kind of get excited. The site, Pot Holes In My Blog has reason to believe a collaborative EP between Earl Sweatshirt and Toronto based producer Jesse Futerman is in the works. The project’s expected to be titled, Wanderer and […]

tyler the creator sway in the morning

WATCH: Tyler, The Creator’s Interview And Freestyle On Sway In The Morning

Say what you will about Tyler, The Creator, dude always brings the LOLs. The rapper recently appeared (with Odd Future members Taco and Jasper in tow) on Shade 45’s Sway In The Morning SiriusXM radio show to drop a few rhymes and to talk shop about his upcoming full length Wolf. All in all, it […]

Tyler+the+Creator 2013

WATCH: Tyler, the Creator On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

In 2011, Tyler, the Creator made his television début on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon program. It was a memorable show. Tyler and Hodgy Beats performed “Sandwiches,” assaulted the night’s guests, and afterwards, Jimmy Fallon gave Ace an impromptu piggy back ride through the credits. This time, Tyler scaled things back a bit. Manning […]


MUSIC VIDEO: Tyler The Creator – “Domo23”

Right on time, Tyler The Creator‘s new single has hit the net with visuals to accompany it. This was announced this evening along with tour dates, album art, and the release date for his upcoming album, Wolf, dropping April 2. The video for “Domo23” was, of course, directed by Ace himself, filmed by Luis Ponch, and […]


LIVE VIDEO: Frank Ocean – “Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead Cover)”

Something perfect happened last Thursday. At a Spotify press conference in New York City last week, up-and-comers, big names, and future hopefuls gathered to speak about their success in 2012 and their agenda for the upcoming year. At the event, Frank Ocean played a short set in which he covered “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead […]

Earl Sweatshirt 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Earl Sweatshirt – “Chum”

I’m not a rap enthusiast by any means. I enjoy it here and there, but my opinion of talent differs greatly from those of my peers and fellow staff members. I have my favorites, though. I’m biased to Slim Shady for his forbidden fruit appeal in my earlier years, I love Mod Sun for his […]

Earl Sweatshirt 2012

Earl Sweatshirt Titles Third Album ‘Gnossos’

One of the most talked about young emcees with the least released material is Earl Sweatshirt. We don’t need to take paragraph recounting his strange rise in the wake of Odd Future’s success, but it should be noted he still has less than twenty-five official tracks (unless we’re missing something). That may be nothing for […]

Earl Sweatshirt 2012

STREAM: Earl Sweatshirt – “Chum”

We’re still excited that Earl Sweatshirt is back. After making his Odd Future retail debut with a verse of fire on the tail-end of The Odd Future Mixtape Vol. 2, he made is debut on stage. Since then, he has been making appearances all over the Wolf Gang map. With a verse on Frank Ocean‘s hit record Channel […]


STREAM: MellowHype Ft Frank Ocean – “Astro”

MellowHype have proven themselves to be an unstoppable force in 2012. They toured the world, spent a week of early Fall giving away new material, and tomorrow their Sophomore album, Numbers, will hit stores everywhere. I would hope our readers would realize by now that this is a duo that cannot be overlooked, but in […]