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UTG’S 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN: “Paranormal Activity 4”

Of all the holidays celebrated worldwide, no one day is more loved by the UTG staff than Halloween. With the arrival of October, the time has finally come to begin rolling out a plethora of features and special announcements we have prepared in celebration of our favorite day, including the one you’re about to read. […]



Paranormal Activity 4 scares up the most money for the weekend, despite low overall theater attendance. The fourth movie in the “there’s a ghost in this house let’s set up cameras and see what it is up to” franchise may not have made as much as its predecessors, but with a five million dollar budget […]



It would not be fair to say that nothing good is hitting theaters this week, as I have not personally seen either Alex Cross or Paranormal Activity 4, but I can tell you the numbers. So far neither movie is above 30% on Rotten Tomatoes, but that does not mean they are without entertainment value. Most horror […]


HOLY SH*T: The Final “Paranormal Activity 4” Trailer Hits

It’s no secret that Paranormal Activity 4 is one of the most anticipated movies of the Fall season, but as of yet we have been given very little information surrounding the film’s plot. We know the film is set in 2011, and that there is a high likelihood the character Katie from the other films […]


Get Ready, “Paranormal Activity 4” Is On The Way

Paramount Pictures confirmed rumors that have been circling for weeks today by announcing plans to release a fourth installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise later this year. Though no plot, cast, or production details have been given, Paramount confirmed the project in a press release sent to journalists earlier today. In the release, a representative […]