‘Divergent’ Dives For Number One Box Office Spot

Opening to an impressive $56 million weekend gross, Divergent has successfully claimed this weekend’s number one spot for box office numbers. While releasing to poor reviews, it seems that the Veronica Roth-penned story can still bring in an audience, even with less than average review numbers. Newcomer Muppets Most Wanted took the number two spot, […]


The land of Middle-Earth reigns supreme for another week with Tarantino’s bounty hunter western not far behind. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey topped the box office once again over the holiday weekend, marking it’s third week in the top slot. Django Unchained nearly beat it out, however, with a surprising popularity among more demographics than anticipated. The slave […]


Ben Affleck climbs the box office to the number one spot with Argo even though no one went to the movies. It was a slow weekend at the box office, even for horror movies (I guess everyone was too busy partying or watching sports). The massively hyped Cloud Atlas only reached the number three spot for the […]


Paranormal Activity 4 scares up the most money for the weekend, despite low overall theater attendance. The fourth movie in the “there’s a ghost in this house let’s set up cameras and see what it is up to” franchise may not have made as much as its predecessors, but with a five million dollar budget […]

“Hunger Games” Earns $155 Million, Shatters Box Office Records

We all knew The Hunger Games would be big, but I do not think anyone could have predicted just how successful it would become. In only three days (and some midnight showings), early estimates from Lionsgate report that The Hunger Games has earned an amazing $155 million domestically. The film, which is an adaptation of […]

Dananananaykroyd Begin Final Tour This Weekend

Indie sensation Dananananaykroyd will unfortunately be calling it quits after this tour but the group still have so much love for their fans. They have rolled out the official touring schedule, that can be viewed right here! To view the schedule and a special note from the band, via their website, please click ‘Read More’. […]

NEW SONG: Weekend – Hazel

Weekend have released their newest single off of their EP, Red, called “Hazel.” The trio, Shaun Durkan, Kevin Johnson, and Abe Pedroza have recently returned from playing shows in support of their last album, Sports. Red will be available this fall.

“Transformers” remains #1, becomes top film of 2011

Michael Bay is a crazed lunatic of a filmmaker, but apparently that is exactly what domestic and foreign moviegoers want. Now in its’ second weekend of release, the third installment of the critically panned Transformers series remains number one, garnering an additional $47 million. This marked a 52% drop in attendance over the previous weekend […]

New Forever The Sickest Kids interview

Head over here to read a new interview with Justin Cook (Forever The Sickest Kids), see what he has to say about the departure of Kent Garrison, touring, their new self-titled album, and the possibility of putting out the rest of the tracks from Weekend. The band is moving over a majority of their promotion […]

The Fest 9

It was just recently announced that Fest 9 will be a GO! No talk yet about who’s officially playing though.

Return to New Orleans

My Morning Jacket will make their triumphant return to New Orleans this Halloween weekend when they join the recently announced line-up of this year’s VOODOO EXPERIENCE