Pedestrian Verse

Frightened Rabbit 2013

Watch Frightened Rabbit Play An Acoustic Version Of “Holy”

Official Comedy has released a video from their Worst Gig Ever segment, this time featuring Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit. Performing “Holy” from their perfect, latest release, Pedestrian Verse, the band treats us to an acoustically synth-inspiried version of the fantastic track. Pedestrian Verse made it on my Best of 2013 in music list, and I urge […]

Drew Caruso

Drew Caruso’s ‘Best of 2013’ In Music

As the year ends, I find myself shuffling through the albums I have accrued over the past months. Each album an experience, an insight gained, a lens changed, I have continually found myself lost in the art that encapsulated the sonic apotheosis of this past year. The experiences captured within these sounds provide themselves as […]

pedestrian verse frightened rabbit

WATCH: Frightened Rabbit – “Holy”

One of the best records of the year gets another video added to its repertoire. I am referring to Frightened Rabbit’s fantastic Pedestrian Verse, of course. This time around it’s “Holy,” a personal favorite from the record (who am I kidding, they are all personal favorites, but, “Holy” is truly wonderful). The video follows an […]

pedestrian verse frightened rabbit

STREAM: Frightened Rabbit – ‘Pedestrian Verse’

Scottish mopey indie folkers Frightened Rabbit have been going strong for years. Though to hear them tell it, they might be more inclined to swim out to sea until they can’t see land rather than keep kicking the can down the road with this whole “music career” thing. I hope they can keep up whatever […]