Tyler Hanan’s ‘Best Of 2013’ In Music

Personal year end lists are a beautiful thing, regardless of feelings towards the “best of” list’s annual, suffocating December deluge. Amalgamated and popular vote-based lists may filter out any releases that are remotely different, unknown, or unhip, but personal lists from trusted sources are a treasure trove of goodness, a ready-made shopping cart that can […]

Kriston McConnell’s ‘Best Of 2013’ In Music

When you’re listening to an album in February you may say to yourself, “THIS is my favorite album this year, definitely.” After that June comes around and you say, “No, THIS is my favorite album, hands down.” November rolls on by and you say, “Fuck all of those other albums, this is THE album of […]

Drew Caruso’s ‘Best of 2013’ In Music

As the year ends, I find myself shuffling through the albums I have accrued over the past months. Each album an experience, an insight gained, a lens changed, I have continually found myself lost in the art that encapsulated the sonic apotheosis of this past year. The experiences captured within these sounds provide themselves as […]

STREAM: Sigur Rós – ‘Kveikur’

With the official release of Kveikur only a week away, Sigur Rós are now streaming their seventh record in its entirety through Amazon. Known for mesmerizing the world with their ethereal blend of Hopelandic-infused post-rock, the quartet-turned-trio have taken a noticeable shift into darker territory which may come as a surprise to longtime listeners. With […]

Sigur Rós Announce North American Amphitheater Tour

With their a new album, Kveikur, scheduled to drop on June 18, Sigur Rós are making headlines in another way today. The band announced a list of North American tour dates scheduled for this fall. Whenever the Icelandic musicians can make it over to the states, it’s sure to be an exciting and special event. […]

LYRIC VIDEO: Sigur Rós – “Ísjaki”

Sigur Rós will be releasing a brand new album worldwide on June 17 & 18 by the name of Kveikur. “Ísjaki” is the first single, and you can watch a lyric video they released for the song by taking a look below the jump. If you like what you hear you can pre-order either a […]

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MUSIC VIDEO: Sigur Rós – “Brennisteinn”

Sigur Rós has released a music video for “Brennisteinn”, a song that comes off of their latest album, Kveikur. The Icelandic post-rock band have been making waves with their unique ambient sound, and “Brennisteinn” shows them making massive steps forward in expanding as musicians with its bass-heavy and chilling sound. The music video does last […]