UTG EXCLUSIVE STREAM: BoyMeetsWorld – “Where This Road Leads”

BoyMeetsWorld and UTG are teaming up to bring you the booming new single from the band, “Where this Road Leads.” BMW’s new track is a lethal dose of pop-punk music ready to make back-pack wielding, khaki-short-wearing, tank-top-sporting kids around the nation totally stoked. Drew Richter, BMW guitarist, tell us the song takes aim at people […]


WATCH: Major League Perform Acoustic Set Outside After Show Shut Down

Pop/punk band Major League seemed to be on the upside with their new record and a successful cover of Foo Fighter’s “Everlong”. Last night, they were supposed to have a record release party in Freehold, New Jersey for Hard Feelings. The show was shut down by police; some are reporting that it was because of […]

all time low 2012 atl

REVIEW: All Time Low – Don’t Panic

Artist: All Time Low Album: Don’t Panic Label: Hopeless Genre: Pop Punk/Rock There is nary a more polarizing band in this scene than All Time Low. For me, and I think for many pop-punk fans in the younger generation, this band’s early output made it a beloved group at an important, developmental time in our […]


REVIEW: Fireworks – Gospel

“Don’t get me wrong, like any band, Fireworks definitely suffer from growing pains. That said, Gospel stands as the strongest and attempt at growth and progression that we’ve seen from this still young pop punk scene.”

MeWithoutYou – It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright

Artist: MeWithoutYou Album: It’s All Crazy! It’s All False! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright Genre: Indie Rock/Folk Label: Tooth and Nail MeWithoutYou is kind of like a fine wine, only getting better with age. Also, much like wine, everyone has their own opinion about when they’re truly at their best. There’s those who claim […]

Count Your Blessings – Like Gum In Your Hair

Band: Count Your Blessings Title: Like Gum in Your Hair Genre: Pop/Punk Rock Label: Standby Records Tracks: 1. Coming Back To You 2. The Way You Move 3. I’ll Drive 4. Fell For This 5. Sweet And Petite 6. Friday Night Alone 7. Tore Up 8. Take It Easy 9. Where I Want To Be […]

Relient K – The Bird and The Bee Sides

Band: Relient K Album: The Bird and the Bee Sides Genre: Pop Punk/Rock Label: Gotee Tracks: 1. Where Do I Go From Here 2. The Scene and Herd 3. At Least We Made it This Far 4. The Last, The Lost, The Least 5. The Lining is Silver 6. There Was No Thief 7. No […]