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Lionfight Bassist Posts Racist Rant On Facebook, Internet Responds

UPDATE 4/30: Lionfight have released a new statement announcing the exit of Bryan Patrick Cole and apologizing to fans. You can find the full statement at the end of this post. ORIGINAL POST: The riots taking place in Baltimore this week have captivated the world at large. Everywhere you turn someone has an opinion to […]


Kanye West Prime Suspect In Alleged Assault of 18-Year-Old Man

Kanye West is currently the main suspect in the assault of an 18-year-old man which occurred earlier this afternoon in Beverly Hills. According to TMZ, said man allegedly bombarded Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s wife, with a series of racial slurs, first saying, “F**k these fa**ot-ass n****rs” in reference to the paparazzi on the scene. When Kardashian told […]


Feminist Blogger Claims Lorde’s Hit Single ‘Royals’ Is Racist

In the last month sixteen-year-old New Zealand native Lorde has become one of the most recognizable people on the planet. She has more internet hype than #StarbucksDrakeHands, and recently became the youngest female to top the Billboard Hot 100 in two decades. Now, at the very peak of her time in the spotlight, a female […]


Marc Jacobs Pulls T-Shirt Design that Looks like Neo-Nazi Punk Band Skrewdriver LP Artwork

We’re not a fashion blog, but we needed to share this with you. According to NYMag, clothing designer Marc Jacobs recently released a new shirt in his clothing line that inadvertently rips off the design from the 1987 LP Boots & Braces, by the infamous neo-nazi/white power punk band Skrewdriver. A spokesperson from Marc Jacobs […]


Lauryn Hill Writes A Letter About Racism

Lauryn Hill has been making headlines recently more for her tax woes than her music, but this week she turned the attention to her views on racism. She wrote a long letter about the issue on Tumblr (who else thinks it’s funny she knows what Tumblr is?). One thing’s for sure, if Lauryn is looking […]

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Tyler, The Creator Gets His Mountain Dew Ad Pulled For Racism

Corporate racism is an interesting beast to tackle, because so much of it is subtle that you wonder if it’s actual racism. Certain prejudices and stereotypes are so deep rooted in our culture that a lot of people don’t even notice them, or understand the struggle, so that some will end up sitting around asking […]


EDITORIAL: Attempting To Understand Brad Paisley’s “Accidental Racist”

If you have somehow been able to avoid the Twittersphere’s hottest music-related topic of the week, “Accidental Racist” is a new song from country superstar Brad Paisley that also features legendary hip hop artist LL Cool J. The song appears on Paisley’s recently released album and has come into the light since the record’s release […]


Koji Speaks Out About Racism, Growing Up in the Punk Scene, and the Strength of Your Voice

Pennsylvania songwriter and social advocate Koji recently sat down with AltPress and wrote an opinion piece on racism and using your voice within the punk scene, and it’s a really fantastic article. In his writing, Koji explains how he started in the punk scene, how he became more involved, and then how he moved into […]


Tim McIlrath (Rise Against) Discusses Racism And Hate Crimes

Rise Against frontman Tim McIlrath spoke with Alternative Press recently about racism, hate crimes, and many other important issues in their latest interview. Please check out an excerpt from the article below and be sure to comment with your thoughts on what McIlrath had to say. Buzzfeed followed that up with a list of 25 […]