Koji Speaks Out About Racism, Growing Up in the Punk Scene, and the Strength of Your Voice

Pennsylvania songwriter and social advocate Koji recently sat down with AltPress and wrote an opinion piece on racism and using your voice within the punk scene, and it’s a really fantastic article. In his writing, Koji explains how he started in the punk scene, how he became more involved, and then how he moved into more social justice based endeavors with his company Colormake and Washington, DC based Resolve. I honestly don’t want to take too much away from the article from you by explaining in too much detail what it’s about, but no matter what genre of music you claim yourself to be a part of, this is a great piece that talks about the importance of using your voice both in and out of the music scene.

You can read the article here at Altpress, but let’s start a conversation in the comments section: Have you ever been a victim of racism within your respective music scene? To what extent do you think it’s a musician’s responsibility to talk about social issues?

Tyler Osborne
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3 Responses to “Koji Speaks Out About Racism, Growing Up in the Punk Scene, and the Strength of Your Voice”

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