Shallow Waters Endless Depth


REVIEW: Lions!Tigers!Bears! – Shallow Waters, Endless Depth

“ndeed, this is a difficult album to critique in one sense – it’s a touch different, it’s well executed and it sounds really good. Yet, in another sense, it feels horribly like one prolonged chunk of riffage that doesn’t always let the flair in between shine. However, this could all be a moot point, as it’s an entertaining listen and much better than your average noise crew offering.”

Lions!Tigers!Bears! launch pre-order

Lions!Tigers!Bears! have released the official pre-order for their upcoming debut release Shallow Waters, Endless Depth out April 26th on Tragic Hero Records. L!T!B! will be on The Artery Young Guns Tour with The Air I Breathe, Ten After Two, Scarlett O’Hara and The Plot In You, starting April 1st!