Netflix Is Coming To…Tumblr?

The world’s largest film and television streaming platform has revealed plans to further expand its already immense digital empire. Starting January 1, Netflix is coming to Tumblr. Wait, what? You read that right. Netflix will be launching an official Tumblr tie-in site on January 1, 2015. A video teasing the launch has been released online. […]

Netflix Adds ‘Profiles’ to Service, Loved Ones’ Bad Tastes Won’t Show Up in Suggestions

Movie lovers rejoice: the movie streaming juggernaut Netflix announced today the addition of Profiles to their service. In a nutshell, you are now able to add different users to your Netflix account, where the suggestions are tailored to one specific person’s preferences, rather than every one of your friends’ tastes being rolled into one on […]

Death Grips Launch Their Own Label Thirdworlds

Death Grips have not had the best luck with finding a stable label home and today they create their own sanctuary, called Thirdworlds. The label’s official logo can be seen to your left in the feature image box. Thirdworlds isn’t exactly all that independent though. A quote from the press states that the home to […]

Stream Trent Reznor’s Stunning ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2’ Theme

Unless you’re living under a rock or recently escaped life in an Amish community and are just now exploring the internet for the first time you’re likely aware that a new Call Of Duty game hits stores this week. We could rant and ramble about the ups and downs of the series, or how crazy […]

City Lights Launch Kickstarter For Sophomore Album

Columbus, OH’s own City Lights have began a Kickstarter account to raise $5,000 to make their sophomore record. The group currently do not have label backing and need the support of their fans to help them through this time. Personally, I feel like this is a cheap attempt to squeeze fans for money but what […]

The Dangerous Summer Launch Kickstarter For Documentary/Live DVD

Maryland rockers The Dangerous Summer have started up a Kickstarter account to raise $11,000 for a special documentary/Live DVD for their fan base. The group have already reached $2,623 and have until April 16 (3:14pm EDT) to reach their goal before the account is shut down. If you would like to be involved with this […]

The Classic Crime Launch Kickstarter Group

Indie rockers The Classic Crime have started a Kickstarter group to help fund their upcoming album. The goal is to raise $30,000 by April 12, 2:23AM EDT. Read a small excerpt of the band’s letter to fans and watch the video explaining the Kickstarter by simply clicking through the jump! We hope you decide to […]

Lions!Tigers!Bears! launch pre-order

Lions!Tigers!Bears! have released the official pre-order for their upcoming debut release Shallow Waters, Endless Depth out April 26th on Tragic Hero Records. L!T!B! will be on The Artery Young Guns Tour with The Air I Breathe, Ten After Two, Scarlett O’Hara and The Plot In You, starting April 1st!

ATL’s Zach Merrick launching clothing line

On November 30th All Time Low bassist Zack Merrick will launch his latest line of AMERRICKAN DREAM clothing in partnership with Kill Brand Apparel.

Sparks The Rescue side project

Frontman Alex Roy has created a project away from Sparks the Rescue called Holly Heist. More info after the jump!

In This Moment have some words for you

Check out the new video message from Maris Brink and preview their new Myspace layout after the jump.