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The 25 Tracks That Dominated My 2014 Over All Others

I already babbled on extensively about my favorite full releases and music videos of the year, but it’s been eating away at me that I didn’t put some focus on the individual tracks I spent a significant amount of time with since 2014 began. So without wasting any more of your time than needed, below […]

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The Rural Alberta Advantage Stream “Runners In The Night”

The Rural Alberta Advantage, a wildly underrated act, have an album of the year contender on their hands with Mended With Gold, their newest full-length which comes out on September 30. Following two fantastic singles in “Terrified” and “On The Rocks,” the band are currently streaming a third, entitled “Runners in the Night,” over at […]


UTG’s Favorite Singles Of Summer 2014

The summer may have been a bummer for hollywood execs and people hoping to see Outkast perform anywhere other than an overcrowded festival, but those who love discovering new music have had plenty to celebrate. Whether you like pop, rock, folk, country, EDM, or any combination of the five there were a slew of new […]

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The Rural Alberta Advantage Stream “On The Rocks”

Following the release of “Terrified,” the excellent lead single from their forthcoming LP, Mended With Gold, The Rural Alberta Advantage are gifting us another taste of what’s to come on the new effort. “On The Rocks” is an entirely different track than “Terrified” as it abandons the driving, folky guitar and gets led by some […]

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The Rural Alberta Advantage Win Us Over With “Terrified”

Toronto’s The Rural Alberta Advantage have never seemed to get quite the recognition they deserve but we’re hoping that their new album, Mended With Gold, will do the trick. Their newest single, entitled “Terrified,” should surely set them on the right path. “Terrified” is a monstrous, galloping folk-rock effort that will take you by surprise […]